Let me post really quick before I need to log in for work…Blogger will be blocked after that.

Weekend was fun. Spent Saturday in Hammond with Ren, Gary, and Alison. We hung out, and saw Bee Movie. It wasn’t bad. Better than I expected, esp with all of the hype going on around it.

I left around 4:30, then we went to a barbecue at Steph’s house. Mmm, ribs. Yum.

Well. I get a call early Sunday morning saying that SOMEONE went into labor late Saturday night and then proceeded to HAVE A BABY a few hours later. (I won’t say names, you know. I’ll let her tell. You know.) I just can’t believe I was with her mere hours before this all happened! (Dangit, did I tell?)

Anyway, baby girl has yet to be named, but I’ve seen a picture, and she’s as cute as can be. I can’t wait to see her! We’ll be visiting next weekend, Kristina and I.

So yesterday I was 29 weeks. Woo! One more week til 30! Actually, six days now! And a week from today is our second anniversary. Can you believe it? We’re going to go out to eat tomorrow night to celebrate. Mmmmm. Food.

Okay, must work!

6 thoughts on “11/5/07

  1. angie

    Congratulations on 29 weeks. I had a huge party….well, as big as can be in the hospital when I hit 29 weeks. HUGE milestone.


  2. Anonymous

    Congrats Ren!And, Pam, Sarah, my other SNL, sends her greetings and congrats on your 29 week milestone! She’s looking forward to seeing photos and hearing all about them once they arrive.Everyone patiently, yet eagerly awaits their arrival…!…Love,Jennifer


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