MFM appointment

So, I know I have to post about today’s appointment. Can I make it brief?

No membrane found.

But babies look great. They’re all the same sex – but we asked them not to tell us what that sex is.

Doctor is now on my shit list, for basically giving me no information, just saying “come back in four weeks and we’ll look [for the membrane] again.” I can’t tell you how angry this makes me, and I’ll be chatting with my OB on Wednesday about that. I really, really want to switch MFMs now to someone with a shred of bedside manner. Someone who doesn’t fall asleep while the u/s tech is looking at the babies.

So, that’s that. How about some pics?





7 thoughts on “MFM appointment

  1. Jessica

    UGH. I just don’t know what more to say than that. I was really hoping you were going to come back and tell us something different. Regardless of what they’ve told you, there are so many women out there who have muddled thru this dilemma. You can do this, be strong, stay positive, keep your head up! And congrats on having all 3 the same sex… That’s the way I like to do it too :)


  2. Searching

    Sorry about the news. 😦 There are indeed many little ones who do just fine and I think your most excellent, beautiful bone structure gives them plenty of room. (I was thinking how totally screwed I would be if I had twins or trips!) Those itty bitty feet are precious! Very cool that you will have 3 boys/3 girls. Hopefully girls so El and Em can share clothes. 🙂 I think you need a diff doc if you are dissatisfied with him. There are other docs and you shouldn’t have to feel neglected or discouraged. These are your BABIES and you deserve the best care from someone who truly cares and you and your pregnancy. Then set off a poop bomb or something on evil doc’s doorstep. 🙂


  3. Searching

    OMG- 20 weeks today, right? Is that not awesome or what? 50% through the “termest of term”, 66% through what would really be okay for the trips, 59% through for 34 weeks. So even if you were to be so cursed to go 40 weeks (which I doubt your doc would let you do) you are MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE!!! Woohooo, you’re amazing!!! (No, George gets zero credit, sucks for him). 🙂 If you hold out for 36ish weeks, my bday is Dec 29. Just saying if you needed a really awesome goal to shoot for or anything…


  4. Anonymous

    cool that they are all the same sex. that way you dont have to reconfigure house when they get older! i cross my fingers for all girls! ren


  5. Erickson 5

    Sorry to hear that you do not like the Doctor that you are seeing. I always believe that if you don’t like the doc then find a new one. We pay so much in healthcare that we owe it to ourselves to be happy! Awesome news about all the babies being the same sex. Keep up the good work!Nicole


  6. Cindy & Brian

    Thanks for stopping by! How fun, someone so close to me on the same triplets journey! I’ll definitely be following you! 🙂


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