Ten years ago today!

On June 6, 2007, a bomb was dropped into our lives, and every expectation of our what our lives would look like changed in an instant.

Here’s a blog post I wrote about it a few years back.

Want to see the ultrasound used in a commercial?

How about a New Zealand soap opera?


Just had an ultrasound to check the babies’ growth. Man, that was hellish. Remind me never to ask for another ultrasound again. That’s what I get for asking every doctor who came in here when I’d get another growth scan.

Laying on your back with 13+ pounds of baby…painful.

But at least the babies still look good.

A: 3 lbs, 11 oz
B: 4 lbs, 11 oz
C: 4 lbs, 3 oz

The discrepancy between A and B has always been there, so it doesn’t worry the doctors, though it does seem pretty extreme to me.

In other news, I’m supposed to be getting a new bed today. Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s supposed to be a big old double bed with a comfy air mattress or something. Cross your fingers I get it today. I’m sick of not sleeping! I think it’ll really help with sleep. Ambien’s okay but it really only works for a few hours, then I’m wide awake.

George and I got a video camera as a gift, so yay, we’ll have a video of the birth! Not the gory parts, ew. Let’s just hope George can keep his hand steady enough to actually kind of see what’s going on.


Man, I am soooo tired. So I will keep this entry short, but I know I need to post about my appointment yesterday, so here goes:

Well, everything is going well. What else to say? Ha ha…Babies look good. Weights are:
A: 2 lbs
B: 2 lbs 5 oz
C: 2 lbs 6 oz

I’d say “poor little A” but A was kicking B right in the head, so I’ll say “poor little B” instead.

As far as my health is concerned, all is well. Blood pressure is good, weight gain is good, and (apologies to males reading) cervix is long and doesn’t change when pressure is applied to my abdomen. I’m going to start working from home in the next week or so, which is going to be so much better. It’s just getting so hard to sleep and get up in the morning and get ready and drive into work, etc, etc. Just need to find a handy laptop desk that I can use on the sofa.

Doctor wants to see me get to 34 weeks at minimum, but I’m determined to be an overachiever and get to 36 weeks. πŸ™‚

George and I also toured the NICU, because chances are very good that they’ll end up in there, at least for a little while. I wasn’t too shocked by it, but I think George was a little shaken up by it. I’m really glad he saw it now, though.

Oh, pics? Want to see them? C was being uncooperative, so we only have A & B. But like it matters – they basically look all the same anyway. πŸ˜›

And more excitement – Kristina is coming in two weeks for a week to help me out, getting the house organized and ready and everything. Yaaaay! So exciting!

MFM appointment

So, I know I have to post about today’s appointment. Can I make it brief?

No membrane found.

But babies look great. They’re all the same sex – but we asked them not to tell us what that sex is.

Doctor is now on my shit list, for basically giving me no information, just saying “come back in four weeks and we’ll look [for the membrane] again.” I can’t tell you how angry this makes me, and I’ll be chatting with my OB on Wednesday about that. I really, really want to switch MFMs now to someone with a shred of bedside manner. Someone who doesn’t fall asleep while the u/s tech is looking at the babies.

So, that’s that. How about some pics?





Ultrasound pics!

Had a very productive day yesterday, and a very unproductive day today. Yesterday we bought a crib, got another one from a friend, and bought a ton of stuff for the house. Then, since Annie was in town, we drove to visit Ren and Gary. Now, let me say here that GARY suggested that we peek at the babies, NOT ME. Anne doesn’t get to see hers as much as Ren and I do, so it would have been wrong to say “no thanks”!

So we took a little looky-loo (hey, I still made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between ultrasounds) and all looked well. Nothing too in-depth, but I got a few cute pictures. They’re up on flickr:






Tuesday is my appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. Should be fun.

Quick post

Quick post before I’m late for work:

– got Harry Potter, read it on Saturday. V good.

– saw the triplets, all is well. Pictures!

Ultrasound pics!

Saw the babies again today! V exciting, they’re all measuring right on target and are looking good. Here are some pics:

Triplet A

Triplet B

Triplet C

Cute, eh?

Weekend recap

Wow, look how good I’m being about posting in my blog!

So, I guess I’ll talk about the weekend. It was fun. After work on Friday, I drove to Mandeville to Ren and Gary’s house. Alison (their daughter, in case you didn’t know) is the cutest little girl (who is not related to me) in the whole world. She’s only 2 1/2, but she can tell me that I have three babies in my tummy. Poor mommy, though. She only has one in her tummy. She’s so deprived.

Me and the cute lil family drove to Gary’s office (he’s an ob/gyn) where Ren and I both got to see our little parasites. I won’t give away the ending to Ren’s ultrasound, but it’s very exciting (Alison got to find out if she’s having a baby sister or baby brother.) Okay, not as “exciting” as finding out there are THREE in there, but still pretty cool. I’m happy I got to be there to see.

So then I got one, and we got to see the three little grape-sized monsters in there, tiny hearts chugging away. Really, they still look like blobs. It’ll be fun when they have, you know, visible limbs.

Then I drove to Baton Rouge, where I hung out with my mom this weekend. We ate, shopped (I got as-yet-unneeded maternity clothes), and saw Shrek 3. It was fun. We also talked to Ellie on the webcam on Saturday night. I can’t wait to see her in less than two weeks! Yay!