Ultrasound pics!

Saw the babies again today! V exciting, they’re all measuring right on target and are looking good. Here are some pics:

Triplet A

Triplet B

Triplet C

Cute, eh?

6 thoughts on “Ultrasound pics!

  1. Jennifer and Rob

    Does your “real” doctor know about your extracurricular ultrasounds? Just asking.. v. jealous that we don’t have more pics of inutero Emily.. They look like girls to me.


  2. Anonymous

    think i will send pam’s doctor an anonymous letter…letting him know that pam is cheating on him with my husband. ren


  3. Karen

    That’s so exciting! This is the fun part! (It’s all downhill from here! JUST KIDDING! It’s pretty cool when they start kicking too… except when they are start kicking your cervix. That part stinks)Have fun!


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