So. much. excitement.

Hmm. I do wish I had something interesting to say right now. Because If I did, maybe I’d get some comments.

No, wait, I tried that already. Hmmph.

Sorry, I get grumpy when I don’t get comments. I need validation.

Let’s see if I can dredge up anything interesting. Hmm…

Well, we met with our new accountant tonight…that’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? Yeah, if you’re old farts. Hmm.

I had spaghetti-os for dinner. Mmm. And I’m going to have a popsicle soon. CAN YOU STAND IT?

7 thoughts on “So. much. excitement.

  1. Anonymous

    Here is my suggestion for delicious meal(I mean, if spaghetti o’s are good, this will be great!). I made them for a white trash luau…PIGS IN BLANKETCut cheese filled oscar meyer hot dogs (cheese filled is key- lets you skip a step) in quarters and wrap in one half of a raw biscuit (the yummy kinds that come in a can- not that homeade stuff). Bake according to biscuit directions. Serve with side of pb&j. You wouldn’t believe how good this is. And I imagine it has lots of calories. And fetuseses need processed food in order to get them to immune to what they’ll be eating when they are out of utero. Its true. I read it on a website.Ket


  2. Anonymous

    am intrigued by pignblanket recipe…but confused about the side of pb&j. on bread? or as a dip? ren


  3. Anonymous

    on white bread. none of this whole grain stuff. as a “side”…you know, your side of grain, protein and fruit. like potatoes as a “side” to meat loaf.but I think it could work as one helluva dip.With that, I have just thought of something- Pam, maybe Hella Vellota could be your nanny!Ket


  4. Karen

    sometimes it’s just the way it is with commenting. Some of my posts get 20 comments. Some get 3. But I get like 500 unique page visitors per day. It doesn’t make sense at all, but it’s the way it is. Personally, I haven’t been able to make the blog rounds for several days, so it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw your ultrasound post and I DID comment on it, so quit yer whinin’! šŸ˜€


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