Okay, okay, I’ll stop complaining about my comments. I promise! I have lots of good readers who probably have more to do than comment on my silly entries. I forget sometimes that other people are actually busy during the day. 😛 I should do as Karen suggests and just check my stats. Then I might realize I have nothing to complain about. 😀

Alright, enough groveling.

George and I went to my cousin Monica’s house to pick up a crib and other items. Max is in a twin bed, very grown up, and since they’re moving, she offered it to me. Score! One down, two to go. And the other two have been promised to us, which is exciting. Monica told max (who is four) that I have three babies in my tummy, to which he asked, “why did you eat them?”

Hee hee hee! Love that Max! He was thoroughly confused, but I figured I’d leave the birds ‘n’ bees talk to his parents.

I also went shopping this morning, and got a baby name book (it’s hard when your husband only suggests names like Anakin and Spock – I want original, but not THAT original.) I did, however, agree on a girl’s name that comes from his favorite sci-fi show. It’s pretty normal. Anyway, I also got a body pillow. Mmm, snuggly.

Tomorrow is little Liam’s third birthday party. He’s been with his Grandma for the past three weeks, so I can’t wait to see him again. I owe this child much – he is one of the main reasons George ever agreed to have kids. Ha ha!

5 thoughts on “7/14/07

  1. Karen

    You may find that you only need one crib at first, but I’m still all for having three from the start in case you’ve got finicky babies. But that’s just me. I found that I very quickly “outgrew” my regular body pillow and needed MORE MORE MORE! The snoogle pillow works pretty well for me, but even then, sometimes I’m finding I want another pillow wedged behind me at this point (what can I say? I’m enormous!).


  2. Anonymous

    A girls name based on a sci-fi character? Do tell…Agent Scully Kocke? (sorry, that is the only sci fi I know)Ket


  3. Angie

    Hi there. I’ll comment for the comment beggar!Just wanted to say, that according to your US, we have the exact same EDD. Except for the fact that you are having triplets and will go early, December?I’m all for the snoogle, that’s great! And awesome that you are getting free cribs. Kids are expensive, I can’t imagine 3! As far as names, check out nymbler.com… You type in names you like, and it will pop up names that are of similar style. Have fun picking out three names! Are you finding out the genders?Angie


  4. Stephanie

    OK so is it Tegan or Perpugilliam?Is it just me, or are those floating babies in the picture getting bigger?


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