Not much exciting to say, really. I do have a doctor’s appointment this morning, but it won’t be very eventful. The only fun part is hearing the heartbeats. Fingers crossed that they can hear all three today!

You know what isn’t fun? Finding ants in your cereal box. After you ate it for the previous four mornings. I know those little shits were in there before, too. I wonder how many I ate. Ah well, they’re tiny, and I need all the protein I can get. Ya can’t blame them for lovin’ the Froot Loops, you just can’t.

This weekend, we got crib number one! Woo! Of course it’s not put together yet, but I do want to do that soon, if only so I’ll have a place to put all the baby stuff together. I also got some cute boys clothes and a mobile and a jogging stroller which is very fun. Fun to contemplate exercising again one day. Yeah right. I’m taking to not exercising too well, I think.

Tonight, George and I are going to see Harry Potter. Hurrah! And then on Friday night, if I can possibly stay awake that long, I’m going to get the new book at midnight. I’m going to have to take a nap after work or something. I’m determined!

5 thoughts on “7/18/07

  1. 1. you’ve got pregnancy brain – you told us about the crib already2. boys clothes? thank god since you’ll have more girls clothes than everyone on the west bank put together3. call me after your appt.4. emily has her two month shots today :-(5. is your movie theatre as cool as mine? we got to make and decorate wizards hats in the lobby before the show.6. I’m going at midnight too. I need a book to read on the drive to new jersey. though I could just watch a movie.7. Emily has been asleep for going on 10 hours. Woo Hoo!8. I joined weight watchers. need to get the last 15 lbs off. any tips?


  2. Pam-See if the theatre has Mommy-n-me movie times for future use. Weekday matinees where lights were kept on and less $, toddlers running up and down and babies crying, but still first run movies and an excuse to get out. Maybe you & a friend can take all 3 when they’re sleeping a lot. El slept through a sad Bill Murray movie, and Evan took her to 40 year virgin.Did we tell you we all 3 saw Ratatouille together?!? She enjoyed the huge screen and big rats and kitchen and food!JT- include bench pressing Emily while you lay on the floor or couch to burn off some extra caloriesJennifer S.


  3. Good plan, JS.. I was actually playing airplane with her earlier.. that counts! I need to find out where they have the mommy and me listing out here.. I think it’s on Thursdays.. maybe we’ll go tomorrow!


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