OB appointment

I’m going to be seriously late for work at this point, but I just wanted to post real quick to say that my appointment yesterday went fine. I could have done without the 90 minutes of waiting to just have five minutes of face time with the doctor, but what can you do?

We heard three heartbeats, that’s good. The semi-bad thing is, the nurse wasn’t 100% sure what she was hearing was three babies, or if she was hearing one of them twice. Ugh. So you know what that means….off to see Dr. Gary this weekend!

I also have my first appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist scheduled. That’s gonna be fun. A nice looooong ultrasound. Lots of face time with the parasites. Yay! That’s on August 7.

We saw Harry Potter last night. It was great! I loved it. Tomorrow at midnight I’m getting the new book. Hurrah!

Okay, must get ready for work now…

3 thoughts on “OB appointment

  1. Glad your appointment went well. My regular OB (when I was still seeing a regular OB for this pregnancy) didn’t even bother trying to find all three heartbeats with the doppler because he said it’s next to impossible to do, especially early on. You just can’t know you’ve got three distinct heart beats. (It gets easier when they’re bigger and their positions are better established, but even so, it’s not always easy)I’m surprised you haven’t seen an MFM specialist yet, but glad that you’re headed to one soon.


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