7 years + 9 months

So that’s…let’s see…seven times twelve is…uh…84…plus nine is…


Sheesh. The math is getting harder.


I am extremely bummed that it was so foggy this morning, because Oliver voluntarily put his arms around his brothers for the picture. The smiles weren’t even forced! They were excited to wear their new school spirit shirts (don’t ask what a Loup-Garoux is, I’m still trying to figure it out) and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (My new monthly photo bribe.)

See them all here.

One thought on “7 years + 9 months

  1. hhy98

    Hi Pam, when I went through their lil babies photos… oh… 7yrs+++… i follow your flick photos since then till now to blog.. i just realize time flies …. we are getting older :p.. cant forget their lil sweet chubby face..


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