15 years, 5 months

I had a debate with myself on which picture to use. This one, where they’re all smiling a bit and Linus’s eyes are open, or the one I ended up using where Linus is squinting. Big smiles won out.

Oliver has definitely grown in the past month – we were the exact same height when we went for their well visit, and now he’s definitely a bit taller. Or I’ve shrunk some more. One of those.

By the time this month is up, they’ll be done with their freshman year of high school. And maybe Miles will have picked up a brush.

15 years, 4 months

They don’t look the same size here, but they are all within half an inch and a pound of each other (which you already know from my previous post, of course.)

15 years, 3 months

fifteen times twelve plus three

one hundred eighty-three months!

Not much else to say. Time marches on.

15 +2

Well, at least Miles got a haircut.

(Yes, Mom, I took it on time, I just don’t usually feel like using my computer on weekends.)

15 years, 1 month

Who are these shaggy haired ragamuffins? All I know is they smell after their team won 3-1. Hooray!

Decade and a half

Happy birthday, boys! Laying low today – they’ve had four soccer games in the past three days and Linus has a cold, so they need the rest. Their big gift is tickets to a Saints game next month, their first, so they’re excited for that.

14 years, 11 months

You’re looking at the three newest members of the Ben Franklin JV soccer team! Okay, it’s not that much of an achievement since no one gets cut BUT STILL I can be a proud mom, can’t I?

I also realized I haven’t posted since last month’s picture, which is shameful but also, there hasn’t been much to post about because life has generally revolved around, well, soccer tryouts. And starting next week, games and practices. But I’ll be out of town for my first work meetup since January 2020! Pretty excited about that.

Whoops this is supposed to be about the boys, not me. Well. They turn 15 in a month, and ain’t that a kick in the head?

No. 178

Look! I managed a laugh in there! They do have teeth, betcha didn’t know that.

Also, Linus and Miles obviously have favorite outfits.

Fourteen and three quarters

Technically, according to Louisiana law, they could start driver’s ed now.


I mean, for obvious reasons, that will not be happening just yet (are the reasons obvious? well, okay they are: these are my babies; they can’t possibly be that old yet; is louisiana insane?; drivers ed for three is going to cost a fortune; these are my sweet little baby bunnies) so maybe we’ll look into it later, but I am most definitely not ready for that yet.

I mean, look at what they looked like last September!

August 4, 2022

They just keep getting bigger and bigger. To see the difference between this August and last August, check out my instagram.

(And you’ll be getting an almost identical picture in four days, on their first day of high school (!). No uniforms!)