Well, at least 12 times this year I can guarantee that the picture of the day will also be the monthly picture.

I think the sofa in the living room is going to be the new venue for the monthly pictures. Since the TV’s right behind me, at least it sorta looks like they’re looking at the camera…(insert eye roll.)

9 thoughts on “01/04/10

    1. pyjammy

      I think for that picture, it was because the only way I could get Miles and Linus to take their pacifiers out was to have them show me their teeth. 🙂


  1. Beth

    If I stood between my kids and the TV they’d be craning their heads/necks to see around me – now that’s a good picture! Your boys are SO CUTE!


  2. Jill

    I always love the monthly pics. I’ve given up on mine since they run in different directions now. But I like the “TV in the background” idea…will try that one next!!


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