Holiday recap

I’m not sure if it’s worth recapping the holidays. I mean, the eleven days George, the boys, and I had off from work and daycare. It was brutal. Tiring. Exhausting. We got cabin fever. The house got messy. But we survived. Miraculously. George was teasing me because before the holidays, I was soooo excited about all the “family time” we were going to have.

Ha! I’ve discovered there is such a thing as too much family time. I think daycare agrees, as the boys are having a teensy bit of trouble getting back into their routine.

But more than that, I think they’re really and truly becoming two year olds. I mean they’ve started fighting more over toys. They’ve started having definite preferences, and god forbid someone else wants the same color cup as you! Or in recent days, the Cat in the Hat DVD. Linus and Miles have been fighting over it pretty much non-stop for the last 48 hours. Miles is the one who generally has it, and he just grins maniacally at Linus whenever we ask him to share it.

Anyway. So there was a lot of whining. I almost ripped my ears off. I really wanted to.

But there was some fun. Christmas Day was nice with my mom and Larry. We met up with some friends some days. We went to a birthday party. We saw a fire! We spent the night at Ren’s house, and then at my mom’s. We went to the zoo and the aquarium and the Children’s Museum.

So it wasn’t all bad. But I’m glad to be back to normal.

Proof that we had some fun…

At the park with Ren and Chloe:

Oliver and his ubiquitous orange jacket:

Checking out the giant tree at the Ritz:

At Millie’s birthday party:


Destroying the children’s department at Barnes & Noble:

Playing with the trains with Whitman at the Children’s Museum:


At the zoo:

At the aquarium:

7 thoughts on “Holiday recap

  1. erin

    I had 11 days off with my girls as well. It went better than I expected, mostly because I planned a lot of activities and we spent a fair amount of time with family, but the girls were insanely attached to me by the end. To the point that they were waking up at night with separation anxiety! Next year, I won’t take that much time off at once.


  2. Mandy

    I’m glad you had so much fun with your guys mixed on with the exhaustion. I have to admit your post makes me feel better about myself. Somedays I get so exhausted or outdone by my two that I feel like a fraudulent SAHM. Thank you for reminding me I’m probably pretty normal.


  3. Stephanie

    Very cute pictures!! The shirt tie with brown blazer pictures and the three of them on the stool at the playground is too cute!


  4. Jessica

    I could NOT agree with you more! We had a total of 17 days off from school, due to a snow storm… I have NEVER been so happy to see the doors of our school open up and welcome my children in with open arms…
    I do have to admit though, it really looks like ya’ll weathered the family time nicely πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays to you all!


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