The first guitar recital!

Subtitle: Proudest mama in the whole wide world

A couple of weeks ago, the boys performed in their first recital. They started lessons back in April at a local school for performing arts, and they have performances twice a year – at Christmas and in the spring. The school is pretty big – there were several “concerts” throughout the day, two hours each, and there were 43 performances in this particular block. So yeah, a lot.

Fortunately, each kid (or group) only performed for a minute or two each, so it went by pretty quickly. Thank goodness because the boys were slated to go 41st.

And now the video! Don’t worry, it’s only a minute long. I pretty much wept through the whole thing, so it’s a good thing we were able to get the professional video so you don’t hear me sniffling.


A few pics:


Their teacher accompanied them.


Proud mama


Proud Grandee (can you see her back there?!?)






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