You got questions, I got answers! (and a t-shirt)

Not exactly like the question and answer posts I did a while ago, but I was inspired, after talking to some other multiple moms (and seeing designs that didn’t quite fit my situation) to create a t-shirt on CafePress that looks like this:

triplet tee ID boys

And to be completely mercenary entrepreneurial, I set up a whole CafePress store with other variations on this shirt (because, believe it or not, not everyone with triplets has identical boys) and some other fun designs I came up with. Because there are so many different kinds of triplets, I didn’t do any designs for the “pair and a spare” variety, but I’d be happy to if anyone wants one.

I’ll be adding more designs to the store in days to come, as inspiration strikes me. Fun! I like having a creative outlet.

5 thoughts on “You got questions, I got answers! (and a t-shirt)

  1. Tena

    Hee hee. That last one made me giggle. Just a random question that you’ve probably been asked a billion times…if you have a twin, and say “oh, that’s my twin sister” or whatever, what do triplets say? Oh, that’s my triplet brother?
    I was just wondering.


  2. pyjammy

    Tena, I have wondered the same thing! It sounds awkward, though! (And no one except my own self has asked me that.)


  3. Lisa

    Except for #2 we don’t know yet and #7 it was at our 16 week ultrasound we have the same responses.
    I just want a shirt that says “Yes my hands are full, thank you for that original comment”


  4. Kelser Crew

    Awesome! I’ll have to get one of these. 🙂

    I love when people ask me who is the oldest. What does it matter? They were all conceived at the same time and born exactly 1 minute apart. I also LOVE to correct people when they refer to my triplets as “twins and the other one”. What? They are triplets: 2 just happen to be identical.


  5. Hadley

    Hee hee, love it! Your Cafe Press store is adorable. (You could cut off the Mark Twain quote after the twin sentence and make a shirt for twin mommies…. Hint hint.)


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