New stroller

Oh well, so much for my posting streak. Sorrryyyy! The boys are sick still. Well, sick again. A different sick. They’re getting over colds, and now they have what I suspect is rotavirus. In any case, it’s something digestive related, ifyouknowwhatimean. But they’re in good spirits, no fever, nothing like that, so it’s not a huge deal, except that they can’t be at daycare. And so it begins…

Got our new stroller today, it’s awesome. Makes our sixth stroller. But once the boys outgrow their carseats, three of them will be retired. So eventually, we’ll have a more manageable number of strollers.

That’s Linus at the back, Oliver in the middle, and Miles in front. 🙂

Yes….it has a steering wheel. Ha!

Today was a big day for the boys. Oliver almost rolled over. Miles and Linus “found” each other. And Linus picked up a toy. Yay! I was starting to get worried that they hadn’t done any of these things, and bam-bam-bam, they do them. Sweet of them to stop Mama from worrying.

Mom’s coming tomorrow to spend the night, hooray! The boys miss their Grandee. And I miss sleeping alllll night long.

Regarding the cloth diapers – we haven’t been using them a whole lot since the boys have been, ahem, sick. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get back to using them soon.

Oh yeah, and today I cleaned up the boys room. Here is the only time you might see the nursery clean and organized…

14 thoughts on “New stroller

  1. BuckeyeBundle

    I have stroller envy! A steering wheel? GEESH, that is cool! and the nursery….also very cool!


  2. the schirano triplets

    i am so glad you got the stroller; you will really, most definitely love having it! and way to go boys…yay! i am so proud of you! isn’t it wonderful to see them hitting those milestones? i gotta say, i just adore your boys’ nursery, it is the perfect combination of color and whimsy without being over the top. i hope the boys are back to feeling better soon!


  3. Lani

    Soooo jealous of the stroller!!! Its awesome!And I love the nursery too- I spied my favorite kids book The Giving Tree on display! Good choice:)


  4. lilfootsmommy

    The stroller is really cool!!! the boys seem to like it!!! I just have to ask though…on the steering wheel? the gray buttons? are those the eject buttons? heehee I’m kidding!!! They are too cute. And the nursery is awesome!!! You’ve decorated it so nicely and done a great job cleaning…can you come over and clean my daughter’s nursery too? heehee


  5. Karen

    Oh how cute! We haven’t used the actual stroller seats on our stroller yet… we have the peg perego car seats that snap into the triplette. So exciting. Can you fit the monstrosity into your car? We can’t, without taking off the wheels. V. frustrating, but it’s still what we have to do.Very jealous of your neat and clean nursery!


  6. Momma-of-5

    I LOVE the three different (yet similar) cribs!I have the older version of your stroller. It doesn’t have the steering wheel, but I got it used, so I can’t complain. It came with a “2 seat” frame so I can always split the gang up.And don’t beat yourself up about not posting every night…I can’t keep up with the reading!


  7. Christie

    Beautiful nursery! Don’t you LOVE that Peg? I get stupid comments from people about the steering wheel all the time, but I love that stroller.


  8. Harris Boys

    LOVE the stroller…very cool. The boys room looks like so much fun, I’m sure they will really enjoy it as they get older.


  9. Cindy & Brian

    Holy Crap that’s an awesome stroller!And your nursery looks great. Organized and beautiful. Organization gives me gosebumps. I LOVE it.


  10. Charity Donovan

    Your trips are so CUTE! Your nursery is beautiful! Just truly amazing. I need to hire you to decorate ours for our quads!


  11. kelli

    I saw the post on OhDeeDoh. And I love the nursery. I am a NOLA mommie as well so the little fluer de lis pictures were my favorite.


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