Another one bites the dust

Why do I ignore my instincts?

sickmilesMiles fell asleep on the sofa at 7:30 Sunday night. I should have known right then and there that he was sick. Sure enough, yesterday afternoon I got a call from the school nurse that he had a fever. So I took him to the pediatrician and he has tonsillitis. So not even the same thing Oliver had.

But then this morning, Linus woke up with a croupy cough and a sore throat. Oliver’s sickness started with a croupy cough. So I decided just to keep him home from school. May as well. Guess I’ll take him to the doctor this afternoon. Why not?!?

But there was something really sweet to come out of all this. Last night, Miles was sleeping on the sofa, just burning up (one thermometer was saying 104 but the other said 101, so WHO KNOWS) and Oliver was stroking his head, worried about his sick brother. So sweet. Later on, when I was able to get Miles into bed, Oliver helped tuck him in and brought him his favorite stuffed animals. Gah.

In other news, my latest post on the New Orleans Moms Blog is up. Check it out!



Let’s see, what have we been up to since I last posted?

Well, the boys spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s on Friday night so George could evict the pigeons that have set up a home underneath our porch.Β  And I lazed around and played Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii (best game everrrr!) That was nice. We went and got them that evening, and on Sunday, Tee and I took the boys to her mom’s house so George and his dad could spend Father’s Day together.

(But first, we let them loose in the living room. I’m telling you, they are particularly obsessed with buttons on TVs.)

121208 196

We had a really good time there, her mom totally spoiled the boys. (In a good way, of course.) And they were in seventh heaven, with a new place to explore. Lots of buttons to push! Doors to open and close! People to babble to! (two of Tee’s sisters were there too.) Good times. We went to the pool for a little while, too. The boys weren’t exactly thrilled with it at first, but they came to enjoy lounging in their floats.

121208 207

So we made it home pretty late that night, and when I got Linus out of the car, he was burning up and wheezing. Yay fun! So a few hours later, when Linus still wasn’t sleeping, we made the decision to take him to the ER. At midnight. So we went. By the time I got there with him, his fever was gone, but the wheeze wasn’t.
121208 216

(That’s the ceiling in the ER.) (Linus took that picture.)

(The usual drill, blah blah blah, breathing treatments, etc.) My favorite part about taking him to the hospital is that the breathing treatments they give him seriously wire him. He was running around, giggling, making me chase him, going to say hi to the other patients, climbing up, getting down, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile, it’s the middle of the night. Ugh.


He was discharged after a very reasonable three hours, and we made it home around 3. And then we slept late. That was nice.

Yesterday, we stayed home and rested and picked up medicine and all that fun stuff.

But today I am tired again because all night long, all we heard on the monitor was *cough cough cough* with a little crying mixed in here and there. Fun times.

Fingers crossed they’re better soon!

And as a bonus, a few cute pictures from my mom’s last weekend…

Watchiing tv

Watchiing tv 2


Kristina said I needed to post again, so here I am, posting again. I feel like I don’t have a lot to say, but I guess I can come up with some stuff.
– We almost brought Linus to the hospital last night. This breathing stuff sucks. He’s much better this morning, though. It was just the same old stuff. He was having trouble breathing but once we got some steroids into him and some breathing treatments, he started sounding so much better. Thank you, my dear husband, for getting up with him at 1 am to give him that middle of the night treatment. πŸ™‚

– I got new glasses! That’s not very exciting either. I kind of like them, but they’re not terribly feminine. Here’s a picture I took of myself with my cell phone this morning. They’re kind of crooked in this picture, though. Oops. And I’m fake smiling. Heh.

– We’re going to Baton Rouge tonight (me and the boys) because I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. It’s for a friend from high school who is having twin boys. Now, I’d usually scoff at twins (pshhhh, so easy*) but she also has an older kid (2 or 3, I think) which adds a whole ‘nother dimension. So I shall not scoff. But I do love baby showers. There’s usually cake there.

– I’m also supposed to be going out with my cousins tonight, after the boys go to bed. That’s weird, I’ve never done that before. Should be fun. Am looking forward to it. Am not looking forward to getting up at 7 with the boys, though. I hope it’s an earlyish night. Hmm.

– Coldplay is coming to New Orleans! Eeeee! Am so excited. Hey, anyone want to babysit (actually, sit and watch TV while the boys sleep) on Tuesday, June 9? Pleeeeease?

Now for a few pictures. They’re kind of dark, because I had to use our old camera, which isn’t great.

Daddy, read us Goodnight Gorilla for the 3,429,761st time!

Daddy reading

Miles gives Daddy hugs

Well, at least someone knows where their nose is…

*of course I’m joking, my lovely friends with twins!

Linus’s turn!

Well, I guess he just didn’t want to be the odd man out. On Sunday, Linus started showing the same symptoms that earned Miles and Oliver a trip to the ER two weeks prior. I was in touch with his ped all day, doing everything we could to avoid the trip, but in the end, he needed to go. But this time, the lucky duck got admitted! So we spent the night in the luxurious digs of the Children’s Hospital.

Really, it wasn’t too bad. I slept on a “bed” (glorified window seat, really) that was approximately 2 inches longer than me. Next to a window on a freezing night. With a couple of thin blankets. But it could have been so much worse. I know this.

He’s fine now, just needed to get some breathing treatments and they wanted to monitor him. It’s funny, really. The three boys had pretty much identical symptoms, but got three different doctors at the ER. It just goes to show how doctors all have their different ways of treating the same illness. I have my own little experiment group here.

The doctor thinks he’ll be fine to travel with me to Los Angeles on Thursday. Fingers crossed! If not, I may have to make a substitution. Not that any of them know/care/will remember in 20 years. Tomorrow we have a follow-up visit with the ped, so we’ll see what she says.

Before the hospital visit, we had a really fun weekend. On Saturday, I took the boys to the zoo and met up with my friends Mandy and Mike and their 17 month old, Annabel. I’m just glad we went on Saturday! I just hope Annabel doesn’t end up sick. Linus was fine on Saturday, he only started acting sick on Sunday. At least it was only a cold, nothing major.

Linus and Miles are walking a lot more now. I will have to get a video of it…

Well, THAT was fun.

Another day, another trip to the ER with Miles. Fun times. Let me just say that he’s fine and home and sleeping now. πŸ™‚

This morning, he woke up sounding wheezy, but acting very normal. No fever, was playful, just like always. So I brought him (and of course Linus and Oliver) to daycare. At around noon, daycare called and said he was wheezing badly, hadn’t eaten all day, and couldn’t nap. It’s very unlike Miles not to eat, so I immediately called the ped for an appointment and headed to pick Miles up.

Went home, and gave him a breathing treatment. He seemed to perk up after that and ate a bit, even though he was still wheezy. We headed to the ped, and he was very cranky in the car – he just couldn’t fall asleep. After looking at him for a bit, his doctor told me to bring him to the ER. She said his chest felt very tight, and he was pulling a lot when trying to breathe.

So over to the ER we headed, and thank goodness, we were seen immediately by the triage nurse. Within a few minutes, we had a bed in the ER (the same one as the last time we were there, as it happens). George arrived, and Miles was given another breathing treatment by the super-awesome hospital nebulizer (only took about 5 minutes vs 20 minutes at home) and as before, perked up a lot. He got a shot and some prednisone and a chest x-ray, and as is usual in the ER, we waited around a lot. Miles was able to nap on the bed for most of the time.

Finally, we found out he does not have RSV or the flu or pneumonia. Probably just a virus that caused his lungs to get really tight. Reactive Airway Disease, I think they called it. And we were discharged with some prescriptions. Yay for trying to get home from the hospital during Mardi Gras time. Ugh. As much as I love Mardi Gras, it’s a royal pain in the rear to try to get around the city on parade nights. But we made it, and I was able to get to Target to get his prescriptions filled.

And I have to say I am eternally grateful to George’s parents for picking up Oliver and Linus from daycare and bringing them to their house for the weekend. Man, this having one baby thing is EASY! Heh. Now let’s all just cross our fingers that Linus and Oliver don’t get whatever Miles had.


The boys are sick. This is not fun. And all those stay at home moms of triplets (well, all SAHMs, but right now I have to give special props to SAHMs of triplets, because right now, that’s what I know) are freaking amazing. Man. The boys are napping now, thank goodness. It’s such a gorgeous day outside, too. I wish we could go for a walk. Oh well.

(And in case you’re curious, it’s the really yucky kind of sick, ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.)

Had a good weekend, though. I need to post some pics. The boys stayed with their grandparents (who dealt with the worst of the sickness, so they are saints) and George and I hung out with friends. I brought some stationary to a little art market in the neighborhood, but only sold one set of notecards. To another one of the artists there. Ha ha! It just needs more foot traffic, that’s all.

Speaking of ways to make extra money…if you’re interested in buying designer stuff at a good price, register for this website, Regent’s Secret. Right now, they have really nice diaper bags on sale, but most of the time, the goods are designer clothes. You may be wondering what this has to do with making money. Well, if you buy stuff, I make a few cents. So here’s what you should do. Go register, using that link. Then buy a bunch of stuff. Then tell your other friends to sign up, and make money off of them. Heh. If it asks you for my email, it’s

But seriously. I bought a diaper bag from there several months back, for about 1/3 of the normal price. I love it!Β  And Christmas is right around the corner.

In other news, Oliver waved! And so did Linus! Well, they did that “open and close fingers” thing. So cute! I got Oliver on video doing it…I need to upload that so you can see.

Uh oh, I think I hear babies waking up…ack!

Fun times in the K house

Sickness, sickness, everywhere. Thank goodness (KNOCK ON WOOD) I don’t get sick much. I do get sinus infections, but I rarely get anything else. I can’t remember the last time I had a fever. I guess when I was little? I must’ve. KNOCK ON WOOD. I’m going to Toronto in two days, I WILL NOT get sick. Anyway, if I was sick, who’d take care of my four boys?

Let’s go over this…

George: Fever, chills, I dunno…flu? Something bad. Taking him to the doctor this morning.

Miles: Took him to the ped yesterday. Ear infection and chest congestion. We now have a nebulizer that I have to use on him three times a day and he gets antibiotics twice a day.

I had to take him with me to work yesterday. He had fun, I think. Let me just tell you how productive it was! Yeeeeah, right.

Linus and Oliver: Taking them today. Suspect they will also have ear infections and will need the nebulizer.

My poor babies. I just hope they’re all better by the weekend!

Sick babies

Ugh. We have sick babies here. It is definitely the most miserable I’ve ever heard them. They just moan.

I took Linus to the ped this morning and she took one look at the little bumps on this tongue and said he has a virus that’s related to Hand Food and Mouth disease, but without the hands and feed. πŸ˜›

It’s just awful. They don’t want to eat because it hurts, but they cry when they’re hungry. They are all mucusy and they have been coughing and puking up all the mucus that’s been draining. It’s very sad and scary, the choking. 😦

Just keep the little guys in your thoughts, that this goes away very fast. Poor little bunnies!

This is from when they were still well…Linus is pinching Miles. Hee hee!


Thank goodness it’s Friday. No, for real. It’s been a rough week. Sick children, yucky weather, and more sick children. All are well now, though, and we have a fun weekend to look forward to. I’m getting a haircut! And a brow wax! It’s been embarrassingly long since I’ve had either, so you can imagine my excitment.

In other, random, exciting things, the boys’ nursery was featured on this design website,

Hmmm. That’s it. Have a good weekend! I’ll post if the news thing is on Sunday or if they post it online or something.


I know, I need to post. It’s been a few days. Let’s see…

Well, George’s birthday was yesterday. But I can’t say it was very exciting. Miles’s eyes were swollen and a little goopy, and the weather was horrible, so we didn’t go anywhere. I cooked some fish that my boss had caught out in the Gulf. It was yummy. Poor George, he doesn’t even like fish very much!

Let’s just hope that Miles is all better by Sunday, the big day! I think he will be. He was already much better by this morning.

Next week, Kristina is coming for her visit. I’m so excited for her to meet the boys! We’ll be leaving the following Sunday for the big road trip to San Antonio. Me, Kristina, and the boys. Fuuun! Hopefully we’ll be staying overnight in the Houston area so we don’t have to make the entire trip in one day. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure!

See, not much is going on right now. I’ll have to take some pictures of the boys so I can post them and make this a little more interesting…

Sick baby


Linus might have pinkeye. And let’s face it, I can’t imagine that with triplets, he’s going to be the only one to have it. Oh please no. No no no no no!

Sigh. Waiting on a callback from the doctor now…

ETA: Well, the doc seems to think it is pinkeye. But she also didn’t seem concerned about it at all. I learned some new things. It’s only contagious for 24 hours, and she said he might already be past that point. And so we’re going to pick up some eye drops for him (to prevent bacterial infection) and I’ll spoil him rotten while he’s home from daycare. πŸ™‚