Well, that was fun!, part 2

See this post.

Substitute “Oliver” for every instance of “Miles.”

Prepare to repeat within the next 48 hours with “Linus”.


7 thoughts on “Well, that was fun!, part 2

  1. Grandee

    My poor babies. They were all so well Thursday night at dinner. Not too many 14 month olds can eat a whole roast beef poboy (6-inch) Mr. Oliver!!!My complete pleasure to share.


  2. Joy

    Oh goodness! I’m so sorry they aren’t feeling well! I’m really hoping you haven’t had to make a 3rd trip to the ER at this point!


  3. Kesler Crew

    I hope all your little guys are feeling lots better!

    I received this information in an email today and thought maybe you would be interested since you live in N.O. – I bet they would LOVE to work with idendical triplets!

    There is an HBO series called “Treme” (tre-may) shooting in New Orleans soon, and they are looking for identical twins around 9-15 months old to play a child in the show. If you’d like to contact this agent, send an email to info@couloncasting.com and in the subject, put ATTN: MATTHEW. Be sure to give info about your twins, such as name and age, and attach pictures.


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