Sick babies

Ugh. We have sick babies here. It is definitely the most miserable I’ve ever heard them. They just moan.

I took Linus to the ped this morning and she took one look at the little bumps on this tongue and said he has a virus that’s related to Hand Food and Mouth disease, but without the hands and feed. 😛

It’s just awful. They don’t want to eat because it hurts, but they cry when they’re hungry. They are all mucusy and they have been coughing and puking up all the mucus that’s been draining. It’s very sad and scary, the choking. 😦

Just keep the little guys in your thoughts, that this goes away very fast. Poor little bunnies!

This is from when they were still well…Linus is pinching Miles. Hee hee!

13 thoughts on “Sick babies

  1. maryandheff

    Poor guys! Your boys are adorable… I am a blog stalker in CA with a 9 month old little girl, Francie. ( and thought I’d say hello. I remember having that virus as a kid and it is no fun. I think it is Hand-Foot-and-Mouth?? (like you get it on extremities and your mouth) Hope they feel better soon! They are cuties!


  2. Jeannie

    omg! are you guys cute or what!? I dont think i have seen them since they were born. :)hope they feel better soon


  3. the schirano triplets

    oh those poor little sick guys! i hope they feel better soon pam! i will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. that picture is too cute for words by the way!


  4. Rita

    Yuck. We, too, have dealt with that nasty illness here, and it’s no fun. It doesn’t last too long, though; they’ll be back to their cute selves before you know it! It makes you grateful that they are usually healthy, doesn’t it…


  5. Helen

    Aww poor boys and poor mom! Its rought seeing your kiddos sick. I hope they’re back to normal soon!


  6. lilfootsmommy

    poor little guys…hang in there…i’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery! it’s so frustrating hen they’re sick with a virus and you can’t really do anything for them when they’re that little.


  7. Jessica

    Have you guys been hanging out here?!? I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how the HECK we got Hand Foot & Mouth… Maybe we got it from you?? From the internet?? :)Ahh if only it was that easy right?? In any regard, I hope you guys are feeling better soon… If you need any words of wisdom, or help ping me… I’ve been through this a few times before. It sucks worse & worse each time 😦


  8. Shannan

    Poor lil punkins! Isn’t it crazy looking back at pictures? Ours are still so little now, but so much bigger than they were even 7 weeks ago! I love that last pic of the boys – they are precious!


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