February 10, 11, 12, 2016

8 year well visit at the doctor on Wednesday.

8 year stats:
Linus: 58ish lbs; 52ish” tall
Oliver: 59ish lbs; 52ish” tall
Miles: 60ish lbs; 51ish” tall
I lost the sheet of paper with the exact numbers, so it’s a good thing our next door neighbor is our pediatrician! I’ll get the exact numbers and edit this post sometime.

Compared with 7 years:
Linus: 49.6 lbs (50th); 49″ tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 47.8 lbs (25-50th); 48.7″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 51.2 lbs (50th); 48.8″ tall (50-75th)

Oliver has a 100th day of school project due Monday.

On a walk with Ziggy and the boys. Here’s Linus caught in a sunbeam.

Seven year stats

Took the boys to the pediatrician for their yearly well visit yesterday.

Their 7 year stats:

Linus: 49.6 lbs (50th); 49″ tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 47.8 lbs (25-50th); 48.7″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 51.2 lbs (50th); 48.8″ tall (50-75th)

Compared to six years:

Linus: 47.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)
Oliver: 44.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)
Miles: 50 lbs (50-75th); 46.3″ tall (50th)

They think it’s fun to get their arms squeezed.


More pics.

After the appointment, Linus told me he really had a great time. I asked Linus later why he enjoyed the visit so much, and at first he answered, “because we got to leave school for a while.” But I’d like to think it was also because he’s interested in science. Or maybe because we have a wonderful pediatrician. Who knows.

I’m surprised at how little the boys grew. Just like I posted in last year’s update, I really expected that they’d have grown more than two inches. Everyone says how tall they’ve gotten, but only two inches? That doesn’t seem like a lot.

On the other hand, their weights only went up by a few pounds at most, so maybe they just look lankier. (It takes them a year to put on two pounds. I can do it in like two weeks. /brag.)

Anyway, no complaints. Everyone’s healthy. The doctor gave me a few suggestions on dealing with anxiety and pickiness, but she wasn’t concerned. All normal stuff.











365 in 2014: 01/02/14

The boys had their 6 year well visit today.

Linus: 47.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)

Oliver: 44.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)

Miles: 50 lbs (50-75th); 46.3″ tall (50th)

Compared to their 5 year stats:

Linus: 42 lbs (50th); 43.9″ tall (50-75th)

Oliver: 40.5 lbs (50th); 44″ tall (50-75th)

Miles: 42.1 lbs (50-75th); 44.2″ tall (75th)

So, Miles has gained 8 lbs, and Oliver has gained 4. They’ve grown about 2″, which seems like not very much, especially since people say they look so much taller. I’m not surprised Miles is now outweighing his brothers (unlike at birth), because he eats more, and what he does eat is somewhat healthier.

But overall, they’re all doing fine, and were just advised to eat more fruits and veggies. Ha, if only it was that easy, right?

(P.S. That’s Miles in the picture.)

The five year well visit

Took the boys to their five year well visit on Friday, I think the first well visit all by myself. Mostly because it was the first well visit that didn’t involve ANY shots. Hooray!

The boys were asking what was going to happen, and before we got to the office, I joked that the doctor was going to ask if they were eating their vegetables. “You’re just kidding?” they asked, because they knew they weren’t going to have a good answer to that question.

First things first…they were weighed and measured.

Miles getting height measured

Linus: 42 lbs (50th); 43.9″ tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 40.5 lbs (50th); 44″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 42.1 lbs (50-75th); 44.2″ tall (75th)

Compared to one year ago:
Linus: 36.2 lbs (50th); 40.8? tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 36.3 lbs (50th); 41.6? tall (50-75th)
Miles: 37.4 lbs (50-75th); 41.2? tall (50-75th)

Yet again, our former peanut is now the biggest. I don’t think he looks any bigger, but then again, we’re only talking about a pound and a half. And Linus’s cheeks make him look bigger to me.

Anyway, after the measuring, they had their blood pressure taken. This year, they were so mature about it, and didn’t freak out and cry like they did last year. My brave little men!

Linus getting blood pressure checked

No biggie, mom!

And then we spent a few minutes with the doctor. I sat there trying to think of something to ask, but honestly, they’ve been so healthy, I couldn’t really think of anything. They had their hearts and lungs listened to, their ears, noses, throats, etc, checked, and were pronounced perfect. I did have to laugh when the doctor asked them what their favorite vegetable was. Guess I wasn’t joking after all! They all hemmed and hawed, and Miles finally blurted out, “I like carrots!” which is news to me. Oliver and Linus assured her they like fruit (which is a joke, they’ll only eat apples) so she advised me to not stress about it and give them a multivitamin. The latter is definitely easier than the former, but I’ll try.

Belly tickles being administered

And that was it! They got their Transformers stickers and we were on our way.

Until next year…

The 4 year well visit

Yesterday we took the boys to the pediatrician for their long-delayed four year well baby (okay, fine, CHILD) visit. I had originally actually been efficient and scheduled it closer to their birthday, but then they got sick, and since their doctor is so awesome, we had to wait this long to get in with her.

The boys have been watching Sid the Science Kid a lot lately, and unbeknownst to me, there was an episode on a DVD I got them about vaccinations. So they were fond of telling me that I needed to get the “flu baccine” so I wouldn’t get the “flu birus”. So thoughtful. They also knew there were going to be needles involved, but since Sid was so brave, well then by golly, so were they.

As mentioned before, they got their blood pressure taken for the first time. Here’s Miles, calmly having it taken.

And then they were weighed and measured.

The stats:
Linus: 36.2 lbs (50th); 40.8? tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 36.3 lbs (50th); 41.6? tall (50-75th)
Miles: 37.4 lbs (50-75th); 41.2? tall (50-75th)

And compared to last year:
Linus: 33.9 lbs (75th); 37.4? tall (50th)
Oliver: 32.9 lbs (50th); 38.1? tall (50-75th)
Miles: 33.5 lbs (50-75th); 37.1? tall (50th)

It’s so strange to me to see Miles weighing the most. And by over a pound! I still call him my peanut. Habit. I don’t think Linus’s height is accurate, he was slouching a little bit. I think they’re all pretty much the same height. He’s definitely not almost an inch shorter than Oliver. But they’re growing! Sniff, sniff.

On to the doctor’s office! One of the things I love about our pediatrician’s office is that there are no exam rooms, no tables, nothing clinical at all. Everything is done at the doctor’s desk. The kids sit on my lap as they’re examined, and it’s all very warm and cozy. However, that did not stop Linus from freaking the hell out when the needles came out. Even picking out his own Tweety Bird band-aids didn’t help. George and I had to hold him pretty tight while he got all four shots. Sniff, sniff.

As expected, the subsequent triplets were not exactly leaping on my lap for their immunizations. But since Linus was cheerily picking out four stickers as his reward, only seconds after being injected, they could see it really wasn’t a big deal. So within a few minutes, we were done.

On the way home, we stopped at a local dessert shop for a reward (for them? for me? who knows?) and they picked out cupcakes (and then insisted I get a brownie. I mean, you should have heard them tell me how I deserved it, and what a great Mommy I am, etc, etc. Those kids!)





And by the time the cupcakes were devoured, the shots were long forgotten (until later, when they proudly stared at their band-aids.)


We took the boys to the pediatrician yesterday for their 3 year well visit. They’re gettin’ bigger!

Linus: 33.9 lbs (75th); 37.4″ tall (50th)
Oliver: 32.9 lbs (50th); 38.1″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 33.5 lbs (50-75th); 37.1″ tall (50th)

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the heights are accurate. Oliver was the only one who would stand up straight) and I’m stunned that Miles weighs a whole half-pound more than Oliver, but he might have eaten more lunch than Oliver, too. I’m trying not to get panicky about their weight moving up in the percentiles while their height remains the same. I’m just going to have to hope they’ll start eating more vegetables, or something. Ugh.

at their 2.5 year visit, they were:
Linus: 30.7 lbs (50th); 36.5? tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 30.6 lbs (50th); 37? tall (75th)
Miles: 29.9 lbs (25-50th); 36.6? tall (50-75th)


2.5 year stats

We took the boys to the pediatrician for their 2.5 year well child visit and here are their newest stats. (Not sure if it matters that we took them a month and a half late. Whoops!

Linus: 30.7 lbs (50th); 36.5″ tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 30.6 lbs (50th); 37″ tall (75th)
Miles: 29.9 lbs (25-50th); 36.6″ tall (50-75th)

So as usual, Linus and Oliver were almost the same, and Miles was our lil’ peanut. Funny how he just maintains that little difference in his weight, even now. At birth, Oliver and Linus were a few grams apart, and Miles was 7 oz lighter, and it seems like he’s still about the same number of ounces now (don’t make me do the math!) which means the gap is shrinking since they weigh about nine times more than they did at birth.

For the record, at their 2 year well visit, their stats were:

Linus: 28.5 lbs (50-75th); 34.1″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Oliver: 28.9 lbs (50-75th); 34.3″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Miles: 27.9 lbs (25-50th); 33.2″ tall (10-25th); HC 50cm (75-90th)

So it looks like they all gained about 2 lbs and 2.5 inches in the last seven months.

(I know…borrrrring! This is more for my own records.) (Since I never made a baby book.) (And let’s face it, I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen now.)

2 year stats

So I took the boys to the ped today for their two year visit, and then I had to take them to the hospital for bloodwork. (All very routine, the ped just likes to have a CBC and lead testing done at two years old.) Oh, did I mention I took them by myself? I am goooood.

2 years old!

Anyhoodles, here are their stats:

Linus: 28.5 lbs (50-75th); 34.1″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Oliver: 28.9 lbs (50-75th); 34.3″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Miles: 27.9 lbs (25-50th); 33.2″ tall (10-25th); HC 50cm (75-90th)

At 18 months, they were:
Linus: 25 lbs, 3 oz (25-50th); 32.75″ long (50th-75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Oliver: 25 lbs, 4 oz (25-50th); 33″ long (75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Miles: 24 lbs, 5 oz (25th); 32.25″ long (50th); HC 48.5cm (75-90th)

They’ve been doing some growing, that’s good! I don’t think the heights are accurate, they were using a different type of measuring device, and the boys weren’t standing up straight. But close enough. They definitely have big noggins, which I already knew. They got two sets of hats for their birthday, both in size 3T/4T, and both were too small. (At least one set was stretchy, so they’ll work, but GEEZ!)

18 month doctor visit

So the boys had their 18 month visit with the ped today. It went well. They got two shots (MMR and Hep-B) which they didn’t like, but in every other regard, they’re doing great. Stats!

At 15 months, they were:
Linus: 23 lbs, 15 oz (50-75th); 31.5″ long (50th-75th); HC 47cm (50th)
Oliver: 23 lbs, 8 oz (25-50th); 31.25″ long (50-75th); HC 48cm (75th)
Miles: 22 lbs, 3 oz (10-25th); 31″ long (50th); HC 47.5cm (50th)

And now, at 18 months, they are:
Linus: 25 lbs, 3 oz (25-50th); 32.75″ long (50th-75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Oliver: 25 lbs, 4 oz (25-50th); 33″ long (75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Miles: 24 lbs, 5 oz (25th); 32.25″ long (50th); HC 48.5cm (75-90th)

Getting so big! Gaah!

This weekend was fun. Spent some time in Baton Rouge with my mom and Larry, and then last night I went to the benefit for my friend’s husband. It was incredible. There were about 1800 people there and a ton of silent auction items. I bid on a bunch, but thankfully only won two. 🙂 One was a gift certificate to a restaurant that George loves. They only serve baked potatoes. Ha ha ha! Classy! I was the only bidder on that item. Ha ha! The other item was for a two night stay at a hotel in Dallas, so we’re going to have our girl’s weekend (me, Ren, Kettie, and Mar) there at some point. I can’t wait!

Anyway, the event was just overwhelming. There were some famousish chefs there (including one guy who’s on Top Chef right now) so that was cool. And a ton of good food and drink. I’m just so happy for the family, that they got so much support when they need it. Truly heartwarming.

Now, I need to find some pictures to post here! Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow. Sorry. (If my mom or Larry will send pictures from her new camera, then I can post them, hint hint.)

One year stats

I just realized I haven’t posted the boys’ one year stats yet. It’s been a tiring week month year. Bear with me.

One year! Here is my official one year post….

Linus: 20 lbs, 8.5 oz (10th-25th); 30.25″ long (50th-75th); HC 46″ (25-50th)
Oliver: 20 lbs, 12.5 oz (25th); 30″ long (50th); HC 47″ (50th-75th)
Miles: 19 lbs, 12 oz (10th); 30″ long (50th); HC 46.5″ (50th)

at 10 months, their stats were:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

So I’m quite pleased at how much they’ve come up the charts on their weight. Whew!

Now, what are they doing? Well, they’re all
– Pulling to standing
– Mimicking sounds we make
– Drinking milk out of sippy cups
– Dropping things on purpose
– Giving “five” (okay, grabbing your hand when you put it out.)
– Climbing on everything they can (which, admittedly, is not much)
– Wearing 12-18 month tops, but 9 month pants.
– Chasing each other around their playroom. Oh man, this is the best. They just giggle uncontrollably, looking back at whoever’s chasing them. It’s so cute.
– Waving

Linus is:
– Very good at mimicking sounds (more so than the other two, i think)
– My little frat boy. Loves to drop his pants and giggle about it.

Oliver is:
– very fond of giving you things. Very sweet, even when it’s a soggy, half-eaten cracker
– still very much a mama’s boy. Has the worst separation anxiety

Miles is:
– standing on his own! He’s gotten quite good at standing and will do it for several seconds now – maybe 10-15 before he gets bored? I think he has the balance thing down, he’s just trying to figure out what to do next.
– clapping sometimes, if I prompt him.

Okay, maybe I need to pay more attention to my kids. They’re definitely doing more than this, but come on. I’m tired.

The most exciting recent development of all, though, is NO MORE BOTTLES! Yippee! I think they got their last bottle on Thursday night, and since then, it’s been sippy cups of milk only. Yahoo! We have to go to the pediatrician again today so hopefully there hasn’t been any drastic weight loss in the last week or anything. Hmm. And tomorrow is a visit to the ENT for all three. Sigh.

Weekend recap

Must recap the last few days. I am beyond exhausted, so much has been going on!

So let’s start with Friday…

That morning, I dropped the boys off at daycare so I could get some things done in the morning. At around 11:30, I headed to daycare for their birthday party there, which really just involved getting cake and sharing it with the other kids.

My mom met me there, and then she and the daycare teachers helped me get the boys changed. We were off to the NICU party at the hospital. It was pretty crowded and very hot, but I was glad to see some friends there and to see my beloved doctor who delivered the boys. It was also neat to see some of the NICU nurses and my doctor’s nurse who also had triplets (weird, eh?)

Meanwhile, there’s a TV news camera there, shooting footage. He gets some of the boys, but he didn’t do any interviews or anything. Which is weird, because later that day, the channel that shot the footage is doing commercials for that night’s news broadcast. “Featuring a follow-up, one year later with the triplets and quads born all on the same day.” So they’re showing footage of me holding the boys and George and I being interviewed, from last year, on this promo. But we were never told there was a “follow up” story! It was very strange.

So the news comes on, and basically they show a few shots of the boys (never saying who, exactly, they are) along with a bunch of other kids at the party. Weird. There’s some raw footage of the event here, and a written story here. Anyhoo. Not sure if that made any sense. Sorry.

At the NICU reunion with the quads:

That night, after we get the boys to bed, my mom and I go shop for some party supplies.


Wake up, start decorating. My mom makes the frosting for the cupcakes. I am getting super-stressed because the party is approaching, nothing is getting done, the boys won’t take naps, the house is still a mess, I am still wearing my pajamas (though I’d already showered) and people will be arriving soon.

But by the time three o’clock rolls around, things are falling into place, and some friends came over to help get ready. The party itself actually goes really well. The boys (esp Oliver) won’t wear the gorgeous party hats I had made for them, and the house isn’t as neat as I’d hoped it would be, but everyone (including the boys) had a good time. So, what more can you ask for? They got a lot of loot, as you can imagine. A Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn House. Four ride-on toys. (The Mater one from Cars is my favorite, and theirs. Hee!) Some wooden puzzles. A huge box of wipes (I asked for those, heh). Some money for the 529s I’m going to open soon. Some cute sweaters. Lots of toys. Lots and lots of toys. I’m going to be saving some for later in the year.

And now, some pictures!

Cozy coupe! Loooove. And lookie, a bow on top! I love that. 🙂

The cupcakes and food. And cheap beer.

The felt flag banner that I spent many, many hours working on.

The playroom looked like a daycare…

Now, I can show you pictures of the boys eating their cake…


(Oliver) (who did a little palate-cleansing with some Cheerios, but don’t worry, he finished his cake too.)


You should have seen Miles with the cake. He was literally licking the plate. Well, here, you can see:

I’m kind of sad I don’t have any pictures from outside. It was a beautiful day, even though it was a bit chilly. I hung up flags (the plastic pennants that car dealerships use, you know?) and bunches of helium balloons. It was festive. 🙂

So anyway. Yesterday we just kind of lazed around. Cleaned up a bit, but mostly just hung around the house. Last night we pulled the boys in the wagon down to our friends’ pizza place for a Christmas party. Oh my god, the food was amazing (not pizza.) They had prime rib and charbroiled oysters and stuffed mushrooms and cauliflower soup and smoked duck and some kind of salmon and grilled asparagus…oh man. The boys were being v crabby though, so we left after a bit. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Today I took them to the pediatrician for their one year well-baby visit. They weren’t quite well, so we have to go back next week for their shots. After two rounds of antibiotics, they still have fluid in their ears, so we have to make an appointment with an ear doctor as well. Sigh.

As for their stats, I left the sheets in my car, but guess what? Oliver is bigger than Linus again! Those two, they just can’t stop competing for the title of “Heaviest Baby in the House.” They’re all about 30″ long though.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I may have already mentioned this, if so, sorry. 🙂 Make sure you watch at least the beginning of the show about the deaf and blind triplets that will be on Discovery Health on the 17th. The boys’ ultrasound will be used for it.

10 month stats

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Have been v v busy with work stuff, and so I just haven’t had time. But now it’s 7:30 on a Saturday morning, and before I go back into meetings, I thought I’d post a little bit.

The boys had their 10 month well baby visit on Wednesday and they all lost weight. I freaked out for a little while about it, but was pretty reassured when I found out it was common due to all of the crawling that’s been taking place. Whew!

Last month’s stats:
Linus: 18#8oz (20th); 28″ long (45th)
Oliver: 18#6oz (19th); 28″ long (45th)
Miles: 17#10oz (10th); 28″ long (45th)

This month’s stats:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

Now we just need to make sure they all drink their formula and then we can give them solids. Especially my little Miles-peanut!

In other news, am v excited because a week from today is our photo session with our wedding photographer. Hopefully the boys will cooperate and be cute!