We took the boys to the pediatrician yesterday for their 3 year well visit. They’re gettin’ bigger!

Linus: 33.9 lbs (75th); 37.4″ tall (50th)
Oliver: 32.9 lbs (50th); 38.1″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 33.5 lbs (50-75th); 37.1″ tall (50th)

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the heights are accurate. Oliver was the only one who would stand up straight) and I’m stunned that Miles weighs a whole half-pound more than Oliver, but he might have eaten more lunch than Oliver, too. I’m trying not to get panicky about their weight moving up in the percentiles while their height remains the same. I’m just going to have to hope they’ll start eating more vegetables, or something. Ugh.

at their 2.5 year visit, they were:
Linus: 30.7 lbs (50th); 36.5? tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 30.6 lbs (50th); 37? tall (75th)
Miles: 29.9 lbs (25-50th); 36.6? tall (50-75th)


5 thoughts on “12/06/10

  1. Amy

    They sound healthy to me! 🙂 Glad they are growing well. I am always skeptical about the accuracy of the heights, too, and yeah, lunch, timing of poops, etc., can all throw off weights by half a pound or so.


  2. Emily

    I bet they are getting ready for a growth spurt. At my oldes’st 3 year check they said he was only 50% for height but 75% for weight. He has always struggled to stay at 25% for weight and has always been over 75% for height so I don’t buy their crazy measurements.


  3. Zoie

    I think weighing more is great, for the boys. Boys that age are just so busy running around, my son is 2.5 years old and has always been in the 5-10% for weight.


  4. esther

    pam, if you recall, what were the boys at 2 years? have they gain a lot more since their 2.5-year appointment then between 2-2.5 years? just curious…i would say that they are quite tall, though…especially for multiples, dare i say….


    1. pyjammy

      Let’s see, at their 2 year visit, they were:

      Linus: 28.5 lbs (50-75th); 34.1? tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
      Oliver: 28.9 lbs (50-75th); 34.3? tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
      Miles: 27.9 lbs (25-50th); 33.2? tall (10-25th); HC 50cm (75-90th)

      so I guess they gained about 5 lbs in the past year and about 4 inches (they were measured again the next day without as much slouching, and they were all about 38″ tall.)


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