My most controversial post EVER.

Be warned. This is a topic that makes tempers flare. Passions run high on this one. You might get angry reading this post. You’re either going to be FOR or AGAINST this, and I really hope our friendship doesn’t suffer.

The devil’s tool

It’s Gogurt.

So here’s how Gogurt-gate 2013 got started.

So innocently. I was at the grocery store after work on Tuesday, and as always, was on the lookout for things to put in the boys’ lunchboxes that are at least mildly healthy, not too expensive, and that they might actually eat. I spied a pack of 8 Simply Gogurts (Strawberry flavored) and put them in my cart. The boys love “pink” yogurt (Yoplait Strawberry, only in the big container, as the small containers have chunks of strawberries, and chunks are unacceptable) and these tubes looked like a good bet. When I got home, I put them in the freezer, as I’d heard others do, so they would stay cold until lunchtime.

When the boys got home from school, I was pleased to see that the Gogurts were not in their lunchboxes anymore. I quizzed them on whether or not they’d eaten them, and I got yeses across the board. Success!

And then one of them mumbled that his assistant teacher said that Gogurts weren’t allowed because they were too sticky. I thought this was weird (I mean, aren’t kindergartners sticky all the time anyway?) so I went on Facebook and polled my friends list to see if Gogurt was allowed at their school. I guess I should have specified that I put the Simply Gogurts in their lunchboxes, but really, the point wasn’t that I sent the kind without artificial colors and HFCS. The point was that they were too sticky for lunch.

80+ comments later, the only thing I can say for sure is that Gogurt is a very polarizing subject.

PS I emailed the school principal, and I will abide by what he says. I certainly don’t want to get on the bad side of any of their teachers.

PSS I just had a good idea. I bought a pack of four of these to put applesauce in for Linus, so maybe I’ll get some more and fill them with pink yogurt myself. Should be neater.

3 thoughts on “My most controversial post EVER.

  1. Rebecca Anderson

    I am appalled by our school lunch choices. Sugar cereals are very rare around our house, fruits and veggies are a must. They hate chicken nuggets (so do I, I hate them, spaghetti O’s and mac n cheese more then GoGurt however it is not my job to judge moms who feed this to their kids) You eat what I cook in this house, it is no restaurant. TV is limited to an hour a week… you have to earn tablet time. each book read = 15 minutes on a tablet. You must play outside if the sun is shining for at least a few hours each day. I have active healthy twin girls who requested hard boiled eggs, broccoli, tomatoes, sting cheese and wheat thins in their lunch box… but they are kids… just little kids… AND THEY EAT GOGURT… STRAIGHT UP GOGURT… NO SIMPLY GOGURT HERE. Moderation, good things come in moderation. Good with the bad. I grew up not knowing what soda was, I about died when I realized at the age of ten that Ramen Noodles and Kool Aid existed, while at a friends house. Not having these things growing up didn’t help me… I wanted them when my body didn’t get enough exercise with day to day routine to work them off. Explain healthy choices to your kids and let them be a part of making healthy choices. I would much rather feed my kids a bowl of shredded wheat with a side of GoGurt on a late sports night for dinner then I would a Happy Meal or Mac and Cheese. Yes GoGurt is bad if your kid has one hanging out of their mouth non stop and eats a box a day but they are not THAT bad to where they need to be banned from your, well MY, childs diet.


  2. Tess @ Tips on Life and Love

    I remember eating these as a kid all the time, and taking them to school. There was only one teacher in the lunchroom, and she couldn’t keep track of all of us– much less what we were eating. Anyway, maybe your kids can eat them as an after-school snack? You can’t let them miss out on Gogurt.


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