10 month stats

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Have been v v busy with work stuff, and so I just haven’t had time. But now it’s 7:30 on a Saturday morning, and before I go back into meetings, I thought I’d post a little bit.

The boys had their 10 month well baby visit on Wednesday and they all lost weight. I freaked out for a little while about it, but was pretty reassured when I found out it was common due to all of the crawling that’s been taking place. Whew!

Last month’s stats:
Linus: 18#8oz (20th); 28″ long (45th)
Oliver: 18#6oz (19th); 28″ long (45th)
Miles: 17#10oz (10th); 28″ long (45th)

This month’s stats:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

Now we just need to make sure they all drink their formula and then we can give them solids. Especially my little Miles-peanut!

In other news, am v excited because a week from today is our photo session with our wedding photographer. Hopefully the boys will cooperate and be cute!

2 thoughts on “10 month stats

  1. Kelly Homan

    I just found your blog via another blog and wanted to say that your boys are beautiful. I am a triplet myself, all girls, born in 1977. I love being a triplet, even though that’s normal to me, but they are my best friends. I am sure it’s challenging but it will all be worth it. My triplet sister turned around and had twins herself :).

    COlumbus, Ohio


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