365 in 2014: 07/21/14


Miles needs a bigger blanket.

365 in 2014: 07/20/14


Liam got a dog for his birthday, and the boys were pretty darn brave “meeting” her. Whew. I mean, they weren’t exactly chasing the dog around the house, but they weren’t screaming hysterically every time she went near them, either. WIN.

365 in 2014: 07/17/14


When I ride my bike on the levee, I can see a building across the river that has “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” painted on the side. I like it.

365 in 2014: 07/15/14


We got a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at a recent birthday party book exchange, and I’ve been reading it to the boys, one chapter at a time. This is the first time we’ve done that, and they’re surprisingly into it, even though they’re begging to see the movie. Oof.

365 in 2014: 07/12/14 {playa del carmen}

Our last outing was to a cenote about twenty minutes outside of town. I’m not one much for swimming in natural bodies of water, but I was brave this time. Even with algae covering the rocks and little fish nibbling on our feet.