January 24, 2002

Just once around the park this morning. Only 1.77 miles. But, notable because I did it in 20:26, a new record for me. I think. Well, I haven’t kept track of all of my times around the park, but I’m almost positive this is the fastest time ever. Considering it’s an average of 11:30 per mile, I can’t see how I ever would have gone faster. I didn’t want to go too far this morning, considering this weekend, and my legs were a bit tired halfway around, so I’m glad I didn’t go further. Not surprising, considering my blistering pace. ha ha!

Also notable this morning was the sociability of the other runners at the park. Generally park runners keep to themselves, but several said hello this morning and one guy (hmmm….my age-ish, tall, attractive…hmmm) even started a tiny conversation with me. Well, it was after I ran and his car was next to mine and he was commenting on the unusually warm weather. However, I think he said something positive about the humidity and negative about running in colder weather, so I don’t think we have a future. Too bad. ha ha.
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Oooh, going shopping after work. I need some new clothes. Non-running clothes. Wish it would stay warm so I could wear shorts. To show off my newly muscly running legs. Wish the rest of me would catch up with my legs. But I knew this would happen because my legs have always had a tendency to look good while the rest of me is flabby. The frustrating thing is, I know I have muscles under this layer of blob. Must shed, so that muscles are revealed! Seems so easy when I put it that way. Much more difficult, though, when there is chocolate in the house. Sheesh.