12/19/11 by pyjammy
12/19/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

A sick little boy watches his train.


12/17/11 by pyjammy
12/17/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

We decorated this "ginger man house" and little boys have a very hard time keeping their sticky little fingers off it, as you can see. That’s okay, but I don’t see it lasting til Christmas anyway.


12/12/11 by pyjammy
12/12/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Was trying to get some cool Christmas light pictures, and got this snuggly cutie as well.


12/10/11 by pyjammy
12/10/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

We had a Christmas party for our triplets (and more) group this evening. There were about 14 families there, with at least 3 kids each…it was very loud, very chaotic, and very fun. For the first time, the boys ran off to play as soon as we got there. I was so happy about that.

Oh, and yes, 2/3 of my kids are picking their noses here.