Origami totes

Support the boys’ soccer habit by buying my hand sewn goods! 

These beautiful and strong totes are perfect for groceries, trips to the bookstore, or a million other uses, honestly. Who can think of them all? And they’re made of 100% cotton, so throw them in the wash when they get dirty.

They’re fully lined, and all seams are enclosed. The handle makes them more comfortable to carry around all loaded up. And load ’em up – they’re super strong!

Large tote is 25″ wide at the base and the corners are squared off.

Medium tote is 22″ wide at the base and 20″ tall from the bottom to the handle.

Small tote is 19″ wide at the base.

To purchase, select the size below. Prices will vary depending on fabric used. All prices include shipping. If you live in Algiers Point, please order from this page instead.

Large origami tote – Chambray (shipped)

Large chambray origami tote. 25″ wide at the bottom. The corners are squared off for a pleasing shape. Price includes USPS shipping in the US.


Medium origami tote – Navy floral (shipped)

Navy floral lined with navy arrows; medium tote. Measures 22″ wide at the bottom and 20″ from bottom to handle. Price includes USPS shipping within the US.


Small origami tote – navy gingham/bubbles (shipped)

Small origami tote. 19″ wide at the bottom. Great for lunches or small shopping trips. Price includes USPS shipping within the US.



Do you live in Algiers Point? Click here to order if you’re a local and want to pick up instead!