Training – long run

Long run was yesterday. Went really well. Met Peggy and Denise (the other girl doing MCM with TNT, but we never run with her because she’s faster) at Lakeside Mall at 5:15 a.m., then Peggy drove us across the Causeway to the Tammany Trace trailhead in Mandeville. It was pitch black when we got there shortly after 6. We got started, and not long after, it got light. It was foggy and misty, kind of cool but overcast, great running weather. Of course, cooler would have been nice, but alas.

We decided to do 10 miles out and back, and Chris was going to rollerblade out to us. He ended up catching up with us about 9 miles out, with much needed water. There’s a trailhead with bathrooms and a market about 5 miles out, but that’s the only place to stop and refill water bottles, so it was a good thing he met us when he did. He rollerbladed alongside us for a while and then headed back to the car for us to pick up GUs and more water. All in all, he did about 30 miles – what a friend!

Things got tough for Peggy and Denise (pains in calf and knee, respectively) at about 15 miles, and I ran with Chris rollerblading alongside me the rest of the way. I managed to keep up 6/1 and 5/1 pretty much the whole way. Peggy and Denise finished about 15 minutes after me. I had an exactly even split, the ten miles out and the ten miles back each took 2:25. Not the greatest time, but there were some stops in there. So I’m fine with it. We decided to try to hang out with the Galloway pacing group for a 5:30 finish at the marathon. They do 5/1 run/walk ratio, which I think we can handle. We’ll see.

We were late getting back to New Orleans, and Anne Comarda’s wedding started at 2, in Lafitte (which is about 35 minutes from my house) so I had exactly 15 minutes to shower my salt and sweat encrusted body, change, fix my hair, etc. Managed to do it! Yeah! Put my makeup on in the car (George drove) and made it there at 2:01 or something. Fortunately, the wedding didn’t start until 2:15 or so, so there was no embarrassing late entry (like when Ren and I got to our friend Nicole’s wedding, and she was about to walk down the aisle). Anne and Bill were there, thank goodness, as they were the only people we knew there (except for the bride, of course.)

Lovely wedding, very them, reminded me a lot of Nick and Annie’s wedding. I know I must have talked about the Piepers incessantly, probably sound obsessed. (I’m not!) Anne and Jay (not to be confused with Ann and Jay, whose wedding I went to in Baton Rouge in May. Same wedding planner, even.) sailed off on a sailboat from the B&B’s dock, while guests waved hankies and the band played. Lovely.

Anne and Bill came to the pub afterwards, Bill made friends with Colin (they bonded over baseball) and then Anne, Bill, and I went to the east bank. We were going to go meet the wedding people out, but we were all so tired (A & B had got in from the night before at about the same time I was waking up) that we just ate dinner and went our separate ways. At least I’ll see them again in two weeks!

I feel pretty decent today. A bit sore, naturally, but I had frozen a bunch of small water bottles and brought them to the Trace. By the time we had finished, they were somewhat thawed, so I poured the ice-cold water over my legs. Ahh, bliss! I think that had a lot to do with how I felt yesterday (fine) and today.

This week I figure I’ll do a few short runs, and 10-12 next weekend. Taper time! Yeah!

I did it!


I’ve done it!

For now, I’ll just post the message I sent to the Dead Runner’s Society (the running mailing list I belong to) but when I get home, I’ll do a whole page with pictures, mile-by-mile details, all the good stuff.

Today, I feel fantastic. Much less sore (except for some blisters) and the elation is building. Sunday I was too exhausted and shocked to feel much afterwards. Yesterday I was too sore, but today…ah yes. Today is a good day. πŸ˜€

(Also, last night, Marianne and I went searching for Declan, an old friend of ours from when we lived here. He has his own pub in Islington, but we didn’t know where. But we found him! It was all very exciting.)

So here is what I sent to the DRS:

It is now Monday. The day after the marathon. Boy, are my quads sore. Ha ha! I
am reeeally looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ve heard the pain is at its worst.

I’ll actually write a better race report when I get back, as I don’t have the
details with me (what I wrote down, mile splits, plus the photos we took, etc.)

So, my goal was to finish in under 6 hours.

I finished in 5:57:36, right on target! Here are some of my splits, according
to the london marathon website. the 10K mats weren’t working, apparently, when i
crossed it, which i noticed as we ran over it. oh well. it was around 1:20, i think.

I never hit the wall.


Lots of fun costumes. We ran pretty much the whole way with a red telephone
named Dave. I think he ended up finishing a little in front of us. πŸ˜›

We saw the Penguin leading the 5:30 pace group, and we were going to run with
them, but they kind of smoked us at about mile 4. πŸ˜› ha ha! Anyway, I just thought it
was really cool that we saw him. Neat!

At mile 18, all of a sudden, a blister on my left fourth toe popped. It was a
disgusting feeling, but fortunately, we were directly next to some paramedics.
Lucky! They bandaged me up (and we took a photo) and sent me on my way. The
band-aid didn’t really help, and for a few minutes, I was really really scared it was
going to finish me off. It was excrutiatingly painful, and I couldn’t walk on it,
much less run. But amazingly, the pain went away after about half a mile of walking,
and I was able to run on it with no problem after that.

At around mile 24, Big Ben, my favorite icon of London, came into view. It
always makes me happy to see it, and this time, when I saw it, I started sobbing and
gasping, but not really crying. I didn’t let myself go. And then, I just got to
this point where I had to just dig deep down and concentrate. So I would pick a spot
on the road about 10 feet in front of me, and run to it, pick another one, run to
it, etc, etc. The spectators were really thick at this point, and the runners were
sparse, so there were huge crowds screaming “go pam! go chris!” which was
great, but i really couldn’t pay attention to it. another thing was, when chris gets near
the end of a long run, he starts talking and cheering us on, and getting
encouraging, when all i want to do is concentrate. i don’t want anyone talking to me. but
that’s just the difference between us. so i just tuned him out. πŸ˜‰

So then, at about mile 25 or a bit after that, I was able to pull myself
together (it’s hard to run and cry at the same time!!)and enjoy the crowds. As I said, I
never hit the wall or anything, but I was *tired*. I only managed about 2 hours
of sleep the night before, and getting to the race was a bit of an ordeal (more on
that in a later email) so after running nearly 6 hours, yes, i was sleepy. πŸ™‚ So we
walked a little bit when the signs said “only 800 meters to go.” You know, 800
meters sounds like so little, but it’s really half a mile, right? But we
started running, turned the corner at Buckingham Palace, and the gasping and crying
threatened to start again. Didn’t want to ruin my finish line photo, though!
But Chris and I managed to grab hands and raise them in front of the finish line. I
finished one place in front of him. πŸ˜› yay!

So, that’s all for now. I’m tired. But I didn’t loaf around today. Walked
around, went to a museum (now that’s a bad idea! too much standing around!), walked
around hyde park, and now, found an internet cafe.