Dancing man

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Last night Miles’s class participated in a dance competition through a local program called Mindsteppers. I can’t share most of the photos and videos I took because of privacy issues, but I do have to share this adorable one of Miles and his swing dance partner.


Miles insisted on staying the entire time, and good thing, because they took home the gold!

At one point, a class was dancing to Uptown Funk and Oliver and Linus couldn’t not dance. It was simply not possible.

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My heart is not going to survive this school year. Miles informed me this morning that his class is learning FIVE dances this year. The Merengue was just a start. They learned SWING already. Can you even imagine?!? This is too much.

Dancing Miles

This afternoon, I got to watch Miles’s class perform a dance they’ve been practicing for a while. What might you expect from a class of first graders? Square dancing? Maybe a waltz or a line dance?

Betcha wouldn’t have guessed the Merengue, eh?

They performed twice, so I was able to take photos the second time around.

Since I’m going to Spain next month, I guess I’ll have to get Miles to teach me his moves. So I’ll fit in and everything.