Social media roundup

Some random pics from social media recently:

Thanks Timehop for this comparison.

Friday night, we celebrated my friend Terry’s birthday with a Frida Kahlo themed party.

Oliver accidentally put on my socks and they’re not too big. Well, I mean, they’re a little too big, but not ridiculously so, like they should be.

If anyone could answer this for me, I’d really appreciate it:

On Facebook, a teacher friend whose daughter is in Linus’s class posted this on my wall:

Screenshot 2015-09-28 08.07.22.png

Linus is featured in his very own chant, complete with hand clapping and counting! Could I be any prouder?

Miles had fun chatting with my coworkers on Slack. I had to stop him from live chatting with customers, though.

Screenshot 2015-09-28 08.09.10.png