Married life?

Okay, okay, time for another post. I can’t promise I’ll post from London, so no complaining! A honeymoon is no time to be updating a blog.

So, how is married life, you might ask? I wish I knew. I don’t feel married yet, I’ve been in Baton Rouge since Monday (and let’s face it, Sunday we were all too hungover to feel anything but like crap.) I still have been unable to use the “h” word, except for one time today, when I managed to choke it out to a Countrywide telephone operator. Go me! Poor George, he’s starting to take it personally, though he knows it took me a while to be able to say “fiance”, so he shouldn’t be surprised.

I can’t wait until Friday, when I get to go home to New Orleans to be with my h-h-h-hu-uh-George.

And then Monday, on a plane to London!

PS I boycott US Air (or I will after we get back from our honeymoon.) They cancelled our flight home from Charlotte (on the way back from London.) So now we have to pay for a hotel in Charlotte, so we can catch a flight home the next day. Jerks. JERKS! I hate them.

PSS I also boycott the Sheraton for not giving us a free breakfast coupon for the day after our wedding. They gave one to Lindsay. Hmmph. Stupid Sheraton won’t cough up $7.95 each for two of us? For our first breakfast as a married couple? I guess it was just as well that we were, um, as I said earlier, extremely hungover.

PSSS I feel guilty that people came from all over the country and I barely had time to talk to them at the wedding. This is normal, right? If only the reception had been ten hours long, that would have been much better! Oh, and while we’re in dreamland, if only I had eaten one of the oyster appetizers. Dang…