Flashback to the 90s

Last weekend was the New Orleans Moms Blog‘s annual Mom’s Night Out. The theme this year was 90s prom. It was super fun, and I had a great time reliving that decade.

Clothing-wise, I wore pretty much exactly what I spent my two years at LSMSA and my (cough) six years at LSU wearing: cutoff jean shorts, doc martens, baggy t-shirt. I added some leggings and went a tad overboard on hair and makeup. (For real in the 90s, my hair looked pretty much exactly as it does now, but hennaed, and makeup was limited to mascara and lipstick.)


Hee hee heeee hee heee! I made sure not to smile at all. That would have been out of character.

Okay, once I couldn’t help it. Prom pic with Megan!


The event was held at NOMA, which was pretty cool. I can’t believe they let a bunch of punks hang out with Picasso paintings and such.


I gotta give the makeup artist kudos on that eyeliner. It didn’t come off until maybe two days later.


The cakes made by a local bakery were soooooo perfect. (Tasty too!)

And people really got into the theme:

It’ll be fun to see what theme we have next year! How to top this?!?!