All about Ren

Today’s post is going to be a little different. It’s not going to be about the boys, it’s going to be about my dear friend Ren. She’s going through a little rough patch right now, and I want everyone to know how awesome she is. And I want her to realize it.

Do you know Ren? If not, meet Ren…

(That’s Ren on the right, by the way. Chloe, my future daughter-in-law, is on the left.)

I’ve known Ren since 1991. Or was is 1990? In any case, a long time. (Oh man, I feel old now.) I can remember the exact moment we met, too. It was Interview/Audition Weekend at Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. We were both trying to get in, and we started talking while washing our hands in the bathroom.

I was so glad that a few months later, when school started, to see Ren around. Of course, then, she was Katherine. But I haven’t called her that in years. Renny is more like it.

Here are things I love about Renny:
– her beautiful golden curls. In class, I would sit behind her and pull on them and *bo-i-i-i-ng* they’d spring back. She claimed to covet my long, straight brown hair, but why? She was very dismayed when I got a perm senior year. Well, I was just trying to have hair like hers! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that, so yeah, not a great decision on my part.

– her generosity. Okay, so I had this cat, right? Named Derkins (after Suzy Derkins from Calvin + Hobbes.) I got Derkins in about 1995. Ren and I were roommates in 1996-97, and when I went off to London for six months, she took care of Derkins for me.

Fast forward 12 years, and she still has Derkins. I’m pretty sure Derkins recognized who was the better mama.

She also brings us the most delicious food in times of need (when the boys were born, for instance. Never mind she had a baby only a month older than them!) Mmmm. Yum.

– her sense of humor. She threw me and our friend Kristie a surprise Armed Forces Day party one year. (It sucks that so much of our history is pre-digital-camera. I’m going to have to dig out some old pics and scan them.)

– she WROTE A BOOK! And got a fancy New York City agent because of that book! Life got in the way of it getting published, but I’ve read it, and I promise, it’s awesome. One day it will get published.

– she is an awesome mama. She doesn’t stress about things, and whenever I have baby questions, I always call her first. I want to be the kind of mom she is – goes with the flow, lets her kids be themselves and is just generally pretty zen about everything. This has resulted in two awesome little girls that are going to grow up to be amazing women. (And at least one of which, as mentioned before, will marry one of my boys. It’s GOT to happen! How cool would that be? Hee!)

(From the looks of this, it’ll probably be Miles.)

(or maybe Linus)

– she loves my boys. Whenever we go out with them, she likes to pretend they’re hers. (And let’s face it, they look more like her than me!) I’ve got to stop answering peoples’ questions for her, though. It ruins the game. Heh.

Oh, this is too hard. I keep remembering all of our stories. Like…

– Our time living together. That was fun. She put up with my messiness. I was so groggy in the mornings before class, I would make coffee but forget to put the coffee pot underneath. Oops! (I still get teased for that!)
– Visiting her (and some other friends) in London when she had her 6-month stint there.
– Visiting her in Natchitoches when she was in college there.
– Environmental Issues class in high school and the video we made. It involved an interpretive dance about billboards on the interstate, set to “Rump Shaker”. (No, I don’t remember what grade we got for that!)
– Working at Daiquiri Cafe together (which, unfortunately, ended badly for her, getting robbed and locked in the cooler. Hmm. And I got her that job. Hmm. I didn’t say they were all good memories!)
– Being pregnant together.

Here she is in the middle at 32 weeks pregnant, looking much tinier than I was at 24 weeks. Oh yeah. I had three. Ha.

Oh, there is so much more. Almost 20 years of memories. I was so happy when she moved back to Louisiana after being in Virginia for a few years.

Anyway, I could go on and on. But tomorrow is Ren’s birthday, so if you know Ren, leave her a birthday message!

New post

Okay, okay, here’s a new post. I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Maybe I’ll make it a goal to post every day this week. Hmm. We’ll see.

So, what have we been up to? Not a whole lot. This weekend was pretty fun, though. George and I had a night away from the boys, and went to the pub (surprise!), and then on Saturday, I took the boys to a baby shower and then we crossed the lake to go to Ren’s house for a slumber party. It was a lot of fun!

One of my future daughters-in-law:

I never get tired of this sight…holding their own bottles! (In Chloe’s crib)

Chloe chasing Miles (big surprise there, remember this?)

Four nakey babies!

Oh wait, this is a funny picture from the weekend before last…
“You told me you were Miles, you meanie!” Oliver tries to fool Chloe…

Oh yeah, and look…it’s Jimmy!

So after our fun time with Ren, we headed back to New Orleans for a photo shoot. The boys seemed more interested in eating the leaves and grass than getting their picture taken (well, except for Miles, who is a complete ham) but I’m sure that the pro pictures came out better than mine.

And then, at my cousin’s house, Oliver played with the weiner dog. And, see, he had a weiner dog on his sweater! Cute, eh?

This week should be pretty calm. Wednesday is our third anniversary, which we are going to celebrate on Friday at a yummy steak restaurant that we haven’t eaten at since before Katrina (because it only just reopened.) Ohhh, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Must go to gym several times this week so I can eat without too much guilt. Hmm.

Speaking of eating, I’ve lost a whopping 5.8 lbs in the, oh, six weeks since Kristina and I started our weight loss challenge? Must get better about that. Want to look nice for my mom’s wedding in January. That will be easy with the holidays coming up…ack!

Much to post about

– We have true, honest-to-goodness crawlers! Still not terribly consistent, but they’re getting better at it. Witness:

– Oliver said his first word! Okay, not really. But it’s v v v cute.

– And, Miles got his first kiss: (How awesome will this be to show at their wedding? And if she marries Oliver or Linus instead, I’ll just have to edit video to make it look like it’s one of them. I’m not above that.)

– I took the boys to Baton Rouge to see my mom, and we went and checked out her new house. Yes, that’s right, she’s moving. And the exciting part is, not by herself! She and her man-friend Larry (I’m sorry, I refuse to call a pair of 60-somethings “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”) bought a house together! It’s really nice and has lots of room for the boys to crawl around. It even has a tiny pond with fish in the backyard (it’s fenced off) so Larry can take them fishing when they’re older. Awww!

– Saturday morning, I took the boys to hang out with some friends and their babies at the children’s museum. They have a great area for babies to crawl around in, so I’m definitely going to have to go back there. Aaaand, the boys were discovered! The owner of a fancy children’s boutique saw them and got my info – she wants the boys to be in an upcoming catalog. Exciting!

– Yesterday (as seen in the video above) we went to Ren’s to hang out and so the boys and Chloe could play. This is what I’ve been waiting for, ever since Ren and I were pregnant together. Finally, they’re getting old enough to sort of play together! And this weekend will be even better, with the addition of tiny baby Henry, newborn son of our friend Kettie. Okay, so Henry is still in the grub stage and probably won’t be playing as much. I just need to make sure Chloe doesn’t transfer her affections to the new baby and leave my sons brokenhearted.

– I can finally wear my engagement ring and wedding band again. Woo! Not because of any weight loss or anything (which, btw, was 1.4 last week. Sucky since I was starving the whole weekend, but better than nothing) but because I got my e-ring resized. My wedding band is still a little snug, but I don’t feel as if I’m in danger of losing a finger. Whew.

– And this, just because it’s cute.


You know what’s exciting? Tomorrow. Tomorrow is exciting because it’s a Catholic holiday and I have the day off. I have big plans. Unfortunately, sleeping late isn’t one of them. That would be truly magnificent, but alas, the boys are still going to daycare so I have to bring them before George goes to work. But I am going to go to the gym after I drop them off. And then I’m going to take the van in to have the (newish) tire looked at. Fun, right? Okay, maybe not that part.

But then I’m going to hang out with Kristie and Ren! Kristie lives in exotic San Francisco, and I haven’t seen her since the day before I went into the hospital. So she’s never met the boys! After having lunch and hanging out, we’ll go pick up the boys so she can see them.

It’s gonna be fun. Except for the tire part.

Speaking of fun, I had dinner with Stephanie and Alicia the other night. You know, my triplet and quad mom friends. After talking to them over the most delicious grilled artichokes on earth (HOLY CRAP), I came to realize I think the boys are eating too much formula and too little food. So yesterday, instead of giving them a bottle after daycare, we gave them some baby food. And then they had their regular evening bottle before bed. They were getting about 40 oz of formula a day, which is apparently way too much. Oops. This is why I like going to the pediatrician every month. But no biggie, they seemed fine with the change from bottle to food.

I’m also going to branch out with what they eat. Currently, they’re getting a lot of purees, and not much else. (Though I did find out they got animal crackers at daycare yesterday, which I have other thoughts on…don’t really want to get into here, am not too angry, but don’t want it happening again, but apparently they loved them…but I don’t want them eating cookies! But they gummed them good, and I am pleased they’re enjoying different textures…so we’ll see.) They’re getting better at picking up their puffs and eating them, so I’m going to add in some chicken and see how they like that. Thanks, of course, to Karen for her advice on this matter.

In other random excitement, I’m wearing my wedding band and engagement ring today! For the first time in a LONG time. Woo!

Sunday we have another playdate with the aforementioned Stephanie and Alicia and their kids. All ten babies will be together again! I think, since Ellen hasn’t responded to our last photo, we need an updated one. Yeah, we’ll be able to get a decent picture with ten babies. Yeah. Right.

And I can’t post without a picture, can I?

Since I don’t have any new ones, how about an old one? Don’t ask who this is, by the way. I don’t know. But he was not quite 2 months old in this picture. Ack!

Oh wait, this was on my phone. Here you go…


I know I haven’t posted much lately, I just have been up to not much worth posting. Let’s see…

Went to Baton Rouge this weekend. I was all about the partying this weekend. Some serious, hardcore partying. First it was Alison’s birthday party. That crazy chick! She turned three. We had pizza and cake at her party. Wooooooo!!!

Then yesterday, Ava turned two. More cake! And cucumber sandwiches! Some serious stuff, man. Serious.

And in between, there was some shopping, including some purchases for tiny babies. Gaah! Little gowns with the elastic at the bottom, and the little cuffs for tiny baby hands. And a book for Grandee to read to them.

I also managed to get a few things for dirt cheap at a Mothers of Twins tag sale on Saturday. I really should stop buying stuff, though, since my showers are coming up soon. One thing that was killing me was that we were at TJ Maxx and they had a Boppy pillow that I registered for. At Babies R Us, that puppy is $25 plus another $8-12 for a cover. They had them for $20 (with cover) at TJ Maxx. That kind of thing makes me crazy, that someone could buy it at full price when it’s so much cheaper elsewhere.

Anyhoo, I shall just be grateful for what I do get and not worry if people got a bargain or not. I’ll shut up now.

Today is my appointment with the new Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. I have high hopes. I’ve been hearing great things about him, so keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t
a) insult my intelligence
b) fall asleep during my ultrasound
c) be a jerkface to me

Will post later on how the appointment goes.

Ultrasound pics!

Had a very productive day yesterday, and a very unproductive day today. Yesterday we bought a crib, got another one from a friend, and bought a ton of stuff for the house. Then, since Annie was in town, we drove to visit Ren and Gary. Now, let me say here that GARY suggested that we peek at the babies, NOT ME. Anne doesn’t get to see hers as much as Ren and I do, so it would have been wrong to say “no thanks”!

So we took a little looky-loo (hey, I still made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between ultrasounds) and all looked well. Nothing too in-depth, but I got a few cute pictures. They’re up on flickr:






Tuesday is my appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. Should be fun.

Weekend recap

Wow, look how good I’m being about posting in my blog!

So, I guess I’ll talk about the weekend. It was fun. After work on Friday, I drove to Mandeville to Ren and Gary’s house. Alison (their daughter, in case you didn’t know) is the cutest little girl (who is not related to me) in the whole world. She’s only 2 1/2, but she can tell me that I have three babies in my tummy. Poor mommy, though. She only has one in her tummy. She’s so deprived.

Me and the cute lil family drove to Gary’s office (he’s an ob/gyn) where Ren and I both got to see our little parasites. I won’t give away the ending to Ren’s ultrasound, but it’s very exciting (Alison got to find out if she’s having a baby sister or baby brother.) Okay, not as “exciting” as finding out there are THREE in there, but still pretty cool. I’m happy I got to be there to see.

So then I got one, and we got to see the three little grape-sized monsters in there, tiny hearts chugging away. Really, they still look like blobs. It’ll be fun when they have, you know, visible limbs.

Then I drove to Baton Rouge, where I hung out with my mom this weekend. We ate, shopped (I got as-yet-unneeded maternity clothes), and saw Shrek 3. It was fun. We also talked to Ellie on the webcam on Saturday night. I can’t wait to see her in less than two weeks! Yay!


I think it’s time for Regular Reader to tell the exciting news (in the comments). Come ON! Spill it!

Went to French Quarter Fest yesterday. (And to the gym, twice! But I didn’t take pictures there.) Here are lots of pictures from yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, and thanks to the shirt i was wearing, I have a lovely farmer’s tan today. Niiiice.

Polly and Colin and Amelia are coming on Thursday. Yay! I can’t wait to see them all again. And there’s a crawfish boil on Sunday. Mmmmmm……

Six days until the marathon

Six days until the marathon…

Was supposed to run 10 miles this weekend. My ankle is bothering me. This is not good. So I ran 2, went to gym, cycled 10, walked 1.5. At least I got the blood flowing. Yeesh. Talked to Ren, though. She got us some kind of anti-inflammatory medicine from her stepdad that should at least get us through the marathon. (Her knee is her problem.) Well, it’s not a terrible pain, just a niggling ache. But 26 miles of a niggling ache isn’t fun. Whatever.

The best part of the weekend, though, was that Kristie came in. We went to our old college friend Marcie’s wedding. I wasn’t really invited, but Kristie took me as her date. It was okay. I only knew Kristie and Anne and Herpreet, another old college friend, but it was basically a high school reunion for most of the guests. I did not go to high school with them, so you can imagine how fun it was. But the food was good, and it was nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while. Harry Anderson, of Night Court fame, was supposed to be there, he’s married to one of Marcie’s friends. (Yes, he married a hot young twenty-something.) But he didn’t show. Dang!

After the wedding, Kristie and I hung out at the pub, reminisced, that sort of thing. Yesterday I cleaned the house a bit. Just enough so that when I get back I’m not depressed by my messy house.

Tomorrow night is dinner at Jacque-Imo’s with the pub gang and Vince (yay!), as long as I can reschedule my dinner with Peggy and Emily for Wednesday night.

Before I go to work today, I need to call a guy named Squirrel who hangs out at the pub to fix my breaks. Don’t you just love his name? I’m sure it’s not the one his mom gave him, though.

Month of change

Whew! Who knew your entire life could change in a week or so? I suppose I should say month. April has been a month of change for me, that’s for sure. Run a marathon. Change careers. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceburg. So yes, yesterday Sarah and I amicably decided to part ways. Best for everyone. The company, particularly. The wine side of things is taking off more than ever can (well, it’s not like wine is seasonal) so my job has become a bit less important. Which I’m perfectly fine with. I’m excited about exploring new career possibilities. (wow. how cliche’d can i get?) Anyway, that’s my big news now. Wish I could say I’ve been running since Saturday, but I have not. Yesterday was kind of hectic, and tonight I’m cooking dinner for Ren and Gary and Kristina and George. So maybe tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the tenth is my last day, and since Kristina will be free the following week (the week before graduation) I’m not going to have a mini-vacation that week. Woo! Well, I do have a dentist’s appointment on that Tuesday, so it’s probably for the best that I won’t be going to work all drooly and numb and spitting blood like I did last week. Ew. And I can interview at some temp agencies, which is what I think I’m going to do for the summer. After all, this may be my last summer to do something like this. Wish I had lots of money saved up. Then I’d go back to London. Sigh.


Off the pills today. That’s good. Still sore, but last night, Ren, Gary, Kristina and I went to dinner and near the end of it, I was all pale and sweaty and clammy from the Vicodin. So I’m not taking that again until the next appointment. In three weeks. Ugh.

I wonder if I’ll feel up to running this afternoon. Probably not. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. Cilla said I have lots of extra red blood cells floating around because of the work, and that it’d actually help me. Hmmm. Hopefully they’ll still be there tomorrow afternoon. Ha ha! Oh, but John’s coming to visit tomorrow afternoon, so I may not be able to run then, either. Oh well. I’m still recovering, anyway. We’re going to Port of Call tomorrow night to celebrate the end of Kristina’s classes and work. I just hope my mouth is better by then, because they have the most delicious, juicy, fat, yummy hamburgers, and if I can’t fit one in my mouth, I’ll be sad. Maybe I’ll have to blend it up first. ha ha! gross.