Last day of second grade!

This year just flew by, didn’t it? I can’t believe the boys have been at their school for five years now. Seems crazy.

First day:


Last day:


Have they grown? Not noticeably. Have they changed? Uh yeah.  I love seeing the pristine shoes and backpacks from the first day. And look how tan their legs are from the summer. Oh, and we have a dog now, too.

Third grade, here we come!



Second grade!


Look at those shiny new sneakers! Oliver’s kill me. They’re so dang white. I kept thinking he only had socks on. Bless his heart, he’s super proud of them.



I walked them into school today, and Miles had kind of a hard time. It’s not even that he was scared of the unknown, he just didn’t want summer to end. I feel ya, buddy. I should be celebrating the start of school, but honestly, I’m not pumped about homework and the daily hour and a half commute across town to pick up the kids.

Walking in.
Walking in.
Miles not being pumped about the first day.
Linus was all, "see ya!"
Linus was all, “see ya!”

Oh, you want to see other first day of school posts? Sure!

(Wait, I just have to post this one pic, from their first day of prek-3, four years ago!)