More sewing stuff

I know, I posted like eight times in a row about stuff I’ve sewn, but then I decided to attempt to be less annoying and not post incessantly about yet another pair of pajama pants.

(Also I wanted to leave that post about George shaving his beard up at the top but sadly no one has donated since I posted, ahem, FAMILY MEMBERS.)

So back to sewing.

I was excited about making another skirt out of a non-knit fabric, and I had high hopes for this one. It’s from the same pattern as my whale skirt, but this one has godets (like, triangle shaped panels to give it more of a full shape) and I’ve learned a bit about sewing since doing the whale skirt, but alas, I am not happy with the way it looks. Maybe I need to wash it a few times so the fabric will chill out and be softer? Or it might be a little too big. I dunno.

And no, I’m not checking the time. Just using my watch as a camera remote.

Then on Sunday I got the idea to make a t-shirt for one of the boys (I wanted to try something more challenging) but I didn’t have any appropriate fabric, so I cut up a couple of old t-shirts and used that fabric. I’m a genius! And it’s just as well I didn’t use good fabric. I don’t know if the pattern was bad or if I just don’t know what I’m doing. The first time I cut it out, it was WAY too short. And so I started over, and then the sleeves just seemed wrong. And I tried using my new twin needle, but it kept skipping stitches. So you know what, I’m going to take a break from sleeves for a bit.

I am excited because I remembered I had an Amazon gift card, so I used it to buy a rotary cutter and mat. Last night I cut out some pajama pants that my nephew is getting for his birthday (shh don’t tell him) and it was SO EASY. I am delighted.

Tonight, I’m going to Joann for a beginner’s sewing class I signed up for before I actually started sewing. We’re going to make a pillow. I’m looking forward to it! Tomorrow’s post: my new pillow.


Skirt number 3

(Skirt number 2 didn’t merit a post.)

One day I’ll blog about something else, but not today.


Pattern came from here. And now I never want to sew knits again. It was so slithery and hard to cut. And you definitely can’t look too closely at the hem or the waistband or anything, really. But since it’s so drapey you can’t see the mistakes. So that’s a win!



I’m a ballerina!