October 17, 2001

It’s cold here! Finally! I’ve been waiting for cold weather (ok, cold for Southern Louisiana – it got down to the 50s last night, I think) but I forgot that cold weather also equals dry weather. Which means I’ll get just as thirsty as I did in the hot weather. But that’s good, really, because it will force me to stay hydrated. Must get some more nice winter moisturizer, though. My skin’s going to really dry out.

So yesterday after work I went to the park again, with the goal of going 30 minutes straight, and I was trying to psyche myself up for it, thinking to myself “I want to tell Chris I ran 30 minutes straight by myself” and that I wanted to tell Kristina too. But as usual, my brain got the best of me and made me decide that 20 minutes straight was plenty. I think it’s really because of the park. I’m sure I could have gone a measly ten minutes further, but that would have meant going around the park again, because I hit that 20 minutes exactly at the parking lot. And I was feeling pretty good too. I think that I will have to start doing out-and-back courses once I start my real marathon training so that this doesn’t happen. Also, I’ve decided I’m not going to take a watch with me when I do those runs. At least with an out-and-back course, if I want to get home, I have to run. 🙂 Or I might try the “drop me off 5 miles away” thing. That might be interesting.

Still, even though I wussed out of hitting my goal, I’m not unhappy about my run last night. These are my easy runs. Kristina’s back, so she’ll make me go the entire time, and this time, we’ll go around the fly as well or something, to make sure we get that 30 minutes in. Yay!