November 7, 2001

Still can’t run. Foot still hurts. Not as bad, seems to be improving a little. On the other hand, everything to do with my car is going wrong. Nothing’s wrong with my car, at least, but I failed inspection yesterday because (this kills me. this is why New Orleans is corrupt) my windshield wiper blades were too short! Can you beat that? And I had them installed at the Ford dealership, so why would they be? And of course the Ford dealership is giving me trouble now about it. Arrrgh! What a pain! As if I can afford this?

Not to mention, Isabel (my cat, her real name) is sick or something. Her hair is falling out. So I have to take her to the vet today. Poor baby. I don’t mind spending money making her better, but for ridiculous things like new windshield wiper blades? Don’t get me started! Don’t even get me started! (sorry, possibly obscure SNL reference.)

I think I can run tomorrow. I want tooooooo! Until this enforced two week break from running, I didn’t realize how much my self-esteem and self-confidence relies now on getting out and exercising. Need to get started again!