November 5, 2001

What a weekend. Lots happened, no running though. My foot still hurts. Boo hoo! I want to run again! I wish there was something I could do to make it better, but aside from icing, really, what is there? (Yes, yes, rest and compression, blah blah blah…)

So Saturday morning, Chris (my London running partner who is running the Disney marathon as his first in January) ran the Baton Rouge Beach half-marathon, and I went to Baton Rouge to watch him finish. Yay! That was exciting and got me psyched up for the marathon. Everyone who I saw finish, though, was really fast (Chris finished in 1:43) and we left before the runners who are as slow as me got to the finish line, so I didn’t get to see any fellow slowpokes. But it was still cool.

Then I went back to New Orleans that afternoon, and when I was online, I noticed that plane tickets from New Orleans to London (roundtrip) were only $195!!! That is insanely, crazily, fantastically low. But it wasn’t until later that night that I tried to get two tickets for me and Kristina (as her graduation present from me) and the fares had gone up to $425 or something. 😦 I was very sad. Now I’m determined to get really cheap tickets to London for us, through Priceline or something. We want to go the first week in January, before Kristina starts school again. It would be a perfect birthday present for meeeee! But, I know the money would be better spent elsewhere, but I’m sorry, I just can’t resist $200 plane tickets to London. No way.

The other thing that happened was I got pulled over by a police officer on the way to a work function, and I got 5 citations! Arrrgh! Fortunately, none were moving violations, all were because I didn’t change my address on my driver’s license when I moved. Just what I need! Yippee! So this morning, I had to sort all that out, getting a new driver’s license and registration and such. Bleeeccccch.