November 1, 2001

Nothing to say today, but I can’t start the month without an entry, can I? No way! Oh wait – I did get some new socks at K-Mart yesterday. That was exciting, in a sad, pathetic way, because I’ve been looking for another pair or two of socks like the ones I got a few months ago – they’re CoolMax and Lycra, so they don’t squish around in my shoe like cotton ones do, and they have ribbing around the arch which I like – it just makes them feel more secure. And, it was doubly exciting because they were only $4.50 for two pairs. And, wait, triply exciting, because they were women’s socks for big feet, which I have. What wasn’t exciting was that I got the last pack, so who knows if I’ll ever find them again.

Woah! That was exciting, huh?

Non running-related, mostly: Lucky Ren is going to New York this weekend to see the Chemical Brothers with Kristie and the Boston girls and her cousin. I’m insanely jealous. If I had gone (wish I had thought of this before two seconds ago, dumb Pam!) not only would I have gotten to see the boys, but I could have watched the NYC Marathon! Sheeeesh!!!! Come to think of it, I can’t believe Ren got such cheap tickets, considering…lucky! (BTW, in 1998, Kristie, Ren, and I got to meet the Chemical Brothers when they played in New Orleans. That’s why I’m jealous. And that’s why I can call them “the boys.” Tee hee.