October 31, 2001

Not much to say. Foot still hurting, not much improved, but not worse. Patience! (Okay, so I just wanted to write something…)

Oooh, I guess I can say that I’ve been making up my Christmas list. Yay! And yes, with the exception of a few CDs and (non-running-related) books, it’s all running stuff. First, I want a good sports watch with a 50 lap split timer thingy, and I found the perfect one – the Timex Rush VO2. It’s only $45, and it’s made for women (therefore it’s preeettttty) and it’s not overly complex. The Timex website is wonderful – I got to play with the watch and practice timing splits on the site! Fun! And it’s not too expensive, but compared to my $6 watch from Wal-mart that I’m using now, it’s a real luxury.

I’d also like a basic heart rate monitor, but the one I want tells you when you’re in your target range, and it’s a bit more expensive than I’d like. I wish Timex made one that was not too too expensive but also had the lap timer, but they’re all expensive. Then again, how many watch like devices do I want to wear? Plus, I suppose it’ll be around $100-$125 with both devices no matter what, whether they’re in one watch or two. Also, SportBrain is finally coming back (yay!!!) and they offer a heart rate monitor situation with that device, so maybe I’ll just use that. That way, I don’t have to wear a second watch. But…it won’t tell me anything useful while I’m actually exercising. Hmmm….we’ll have to see about that. I’m such a gadget-fiend. I don’t really need any of this, do I?

But…if anyone reading this has any advice or suggestions regarding the above products, please drop me a line!