November 15, 2001

I wish I had written this yesterday, when I was in a giddy, elated mood, because now my mood has leveled out and I can’t bring myself to sound as happy as I was yesterday evening. Nothing to do with running, all about work, actually. But my website (the one I started within our company) is finally picking up and doing lots of business. We’ve been selling Christmas crackers like there’s no tomorrow, and in addition, I found out that this newspaper in California for British expats is going to write an article about us! Yay! So exciting! Success at last! Ha ha. I hope so! This business is my ticket to England, I hope. Somehow. But we didn’t get any orders overnight, so I’m a little puzzled and sad about that. Doesn’t make sense.

Running-wise, it’s been a good day at least. We went to the park, but decided to run around the fly instead, for a change of pace. It’s nice there, but it’s enclosed by train tracks, so once you get into the area, if a long train comes, you’re stuck. Fortunately, there wasn’t one today, but we sprinted past the tracks because we thought we heard one coming. 25 minutes into our run, that was pretty tough. 😀 And we ran for 31 minutes today. A bit of improvement! Tee hee. I think pretty soon I want to change my focus from 30 minutes to 3 miles. I think that would be better. Since that’s what I’ll be starting out in my training. (Starting in 5 1/2 weeks! Ack!)