November 16, 2001

Harry Potter tonight! Harry Potter tonight! Yay! I can’t wait! In less than 12 hours! Yay! I can’t believe how crazy everyone has become about Harry Potter. It’s madness! Tee hee. Wish I had some kids to take with me, I think that would be fun. But there’ll be plenty in the theater, no doubt.

Good run this morning. Yesterday I wasn’t planning on running this morning, wanted to take a rest day, but last night I decided I wanted to. It was a good run. We ran around the neighborhood instead of the park. Nothing particularly exciting to say about the run, but I’m glad we did it after all. I’ll definitely rest tomorrow, because my foot was aching a little and my shins weren’t feeling great. I know I didn’t stretch very well before we started and I’ve already learned that I need to do that from when I had shin splints this summer.

I am starting to feel really bad that I’m not specifically supporting a charity for the marathon. I know I don’t have to, since I’m not running for a charity, but I want to. I’d still like to do something to do with Leukemia for Paula’s little girl, or St. Jude’s Hospital or the Ronald McDonald House or something. But then again, I’d also like to do something in my dad’s memory for the American Heart Association. (Hmmm. Is it wrong to run for American charities in London? I suppose not, eh?) I just need to decide something, especially before the holidays so I can hit my family up for money at Christmas dinner and such. But do I contact the charities and tell them? I have no idea how to go about fundraising, especially because if I do, it won’t be for any officially sanctioned fundraising drive. I suppose I will just contact some people at the charities and ask them. Yes, I will do that.

UPDATE: 2:34 p.m. Got my official entry form! Yay! Exciting! Now, I just need the plane fares to drop to about $400, and I’ll be set! Yay!