November 20, 2001

Finally, it’s getting cold! Well, ok, at least it’s starting to feel like late fall instead of early summer. This morning, I was excited that it was gray outside, instead of the usual blue, cloudless skies. Yikes. I think there’s something sick about that.

Last night, Kristina went out with some of our friends, and though I would have liked to (Anne was in town, she of the sick father) I knew if I stayed out until midnight, and even had one or two beers, there’s no way I would have gotten up to go running. Although I became lame and boring (according to Kristina) a long time ago, it’s still hard for me to believe I’d rather go running at 7 a.m. than go out with my friends. Hmmm.

But it was a good run, another solo one. Went to the park, ran 3/4 of the way around the park, then turned around, just for a change of pace. Ended up running for 34 minutes, but I did stop a few times (I stopped my stopwatch whenever I stopped) to stretch (were there too many “stop”s in that sentence?) which I think helped. I’m now convinced that the Beatles is my ideal running music. I had a really strong finish with “Roll Over Beethoven.” Ha ha. Oooh, I really want one of those iPods from Apple for Christmas. Or, if I win the lottery. I should play the lottery first. Wish i had $400 to spend on one, they are so *@#(&@* cool!

My shin was aching a little at the end…I may take tomorrow off. But then again, Thursday is Thanksgiving, I think it’s best to burn as many calories as possible before Thursday. And since Kristina doesn’t have school tomorrow, maybe she’ll want to go to the levee tomorrow morning. That might be fun. (Fun? Fun??? What has happened to me???)