Sorry I haven’t been updating a lot, but I will try to do so more now, before the boys come home. I imagine after that, it’ll be very hard. And no, we don’t know when they’re coming home. I don’t think it’ll be too too long – I imagine they’ll be home by Christmas.

And they’re doing very well, thank you. Linus got moved to an open crib yesterday, and I hope that the other two will follow shortly. Once they’re all in the open cribs (and able to regulate their own body temps) they’ll be put in one big crib, all together. So cute!

They’re eating well, out of bottles. Not sure what proportion of their nutrition is coming from bottles vs IV fluids, but I think it’s pretty high.

Anyway, now that I’m at home, my biggest challenge will be how to get to the hospital since I can’t drive, and George is still a bit sick. And really, that’s only today. During the week, I will ride to the hospital with a friend who works there, and then George will come after work to see them and bring me home.

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  1. Searching

    Oh, WOW- they are kicking some serious butt! Open crib for Linus already?? Shoot, Christmas for sure! That’s awesome that they will get to cobed. I wish we would do that. I do stick mults together for pics when I’m on nightshift and let the parents hold them all together if they are bug-free, but the cobedding is awesome.Good mommy for not driving before you are supposed to. Too many do anyway and end up sick themselves, and a couple have landed back in the hosp with infections and fevers and then cannot see their kids AT ALL. Now I just have to do my mommy check and make sure you are sleeping and eating enough (and healthy foods) and drinking lots and lots of water. How are YOU doing since you gave such a good report on the babes?Tell poor George I’m praying he gets better TODAY so he can go see those cuties. I suppose it’s a good thing you didn’t deliver up here or I might likely never leave work. I’d just want to play with them all the time! They are so freaking cute!!!


  2. mandi

    hey pam! congrats!! the boys are gorgeous and I am so glad to hear they are doing great! I am sure you are anxious to get them home soon! If I were in Nola I would drive you to the hospital myself! How are you feeling? C-sections are painful, but you will be back to yourself again soon!! congrats again! I love reading your updates.


  3. Julie

    Hi Pam and George,I’m so glad everything is going smoothly. I’m sure it is hard not to have Miles, Linus and Oliver with you now but use this time to recharge and heal from your c-section. Taking care of yourself will enable you to give so much more to your sons. Hoping Daddy George is on the mend too.Julie


  4. Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D.

    Hi there, glad you stopped by our blog. I’m so hapy to read the updates on your precious babies on your blog. I look forward to hearing more about them and their journey in the NICU and at home. Thinking of you and praying for strength, good health and many wonderful moments to come with your triplets.


  5. Editor B

    Yes, I imagine you will have your hands full very soon. But if you can manage to post even one brief sentence every day (or every other day — or whatever) imagine what a wonderful record you will have some day.


  6. Laura McIntyre

    Thats wonderful there doing so well, i would’t worry about posting . Living life is more important but cannot wait to read your words when you do find the time


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