Just so you know, from here on out, if you want to talk to me, you’re going to have to have your people call my people.

Hee hee, just kidding. Today was pretty nutty. The highlight being, of course this moment:

Not that we were on national news, but that I got to hold all three boys at once. It was so amazing. Amazing too because they were heavy! I can’t believe they were in my tummy just two days ago!

Sadly, George still hasn’t held them or seen them in person since they were first born. He’s had a cold and I really, really, really hope that he’s better by tomorrow. I want nothing more than that. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to see him hold our babies?

If you want to see the clip from ABC news, it’s here.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me, pain-wise. Boy, c-sections are awfully painful. Ugh. I’m sure not helped by the fact that I was bed-ridden all day on Tuesday. Anyway, today was MUCH better. Except when some ice went down the wrong way and I had to cough. More pain, and feelings like my insides were going to explode out of my body. Hee. And I have a bad rash but I got some steroid cream today that I hope will help.

And you know what I’m going to do now? See if I can’t find some Christmas stockings for my boys. 🙂

Oh yeah…want to see LOTS of pics? Here!

Edited to add: Thanks Aunt Kristina for the boys’ first Christmas stockings! They are so cute!

12 thoughts on “Famous!

  1. Willa

    Pam,I tried to post the day the boys were born and I don’t know what happened to it. I do want to say how thrilled we are that all is well with you and the boys! I suggested naming them Winken, Blinken and Nod. Greg is keeping us up to date! Love to all!Willa


  2. Angie

    Congrats! You were part of the AP wire and it was a story in my local newspaper! You and your boys are famous! How long before they can come home?


  3. Beth

    You’re famous! You’re on the Yahoo home page this morning and my parents said you were in their local paper (Ocala, FL).


  4. amber

    i’m sorry the C is giving you so many problems, but you look damn good for having just given birth to 3 babies! congratulations again!!


  5. The Murray Crew

    Congratulations to you and your family! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a short stay in the NICU. Quatro Mama


  6. Anonymous

    Pam,I sent you an e-mail, but I figured I’d come here to tell you congratulations, too! As I stated in my e-mail, I saw your ABC video on the front page of Yahoo this afternoon–I had no idea you were even pregnant–and I almost flipped out! I thought it couldn’t possibly actually be you, but it was!Congratulations! The boys are adorable! :-)Love,Allison (Cox) Parker


  7. dawn

    Geez Pammy,Have you googled yourself lately?? You guys have 2+ pages of press coverage! The boys look great and oh so kissable. Can’t wait to come for a visit to see all of you. Good job!Dawn


  8. Searching

    Soooo, anymore details? They getting feeds? Antibiotics? Details, details!They are absolutely beautiful babies and I love their names! How is the proud poppa doing? WHat about the aching momma? I can’t believe how big they are and that ALL THREE were in your belly! I can’t believe just a few days ago you were able to move at all!


  9. Betsy

    Wow, PAM (and George)!What an ordeal you’ve been through! I’m glad it’s going well. Congrats to you two. I will be in N.O. for a bit before the New Year. I’d love you see you guys if you have time. I don’t know how you’ll have time for anything again ;)Betsy


  10. Andrea (mom of twins)

    C-section… yeah, ouch! I can promise, the pain eventually goes away, but it’s interesting, isn’t it? Feeling like you were just in a David Copperfield magic trick, where he cut you in half? And now you’re top is trying to reconnect with your bottom… and they don’t seem to be enjoying the moment… I am proud that you’ve been all over the news, and excited that you were able to hold all three of those gorgeous little guys at the same time! (despite the little pain in your abdomen). It’s soooo worth it, don’t you think?Congrats again!xxxxoooo


  11. I'm AZ

    Oh, coughing right after a c-section!! It feels like you’re going to burst open and your guts will fall out! Oh, don’t remind me! You poor thing! I hope you’re feeling better now. It takes a while. Wear an abdominal binder if you aren’t already. It helps!


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