Okay, another post! This time I have more to say, and pictures to post.

We’ve had some great improvements since my last post. All three have been in one crib since Sunday, and last night they were moved to the step-down unit. That’s the last stop on the way home! At this point, even the nurses aren’t sure why they’re not at home, but I guess they just want to keep an eye on them a bit longer.

They’re taking all of their feedings by bottle. Linus and Oliver are eating 40 ccs per feeding (don’t ask how much that is, I think an ounce is 30 ccs) and little Miles is eating 35. Today we tried out breastfeeding, and it went pretty well, considering that gestationally, they’re really not old enough to know how. So we’ll just keep practicing until they get it.

We have a tentative take-home date of this weekend, but who knows? George is hoping for later rather than sooner, as our stairs still aren’t done yet – and they really HAVE to be done by the time the boys come home. So let’s hope it will all work out. George took today off to paint and varnish, and he is just exhausted now. Poor guy. But he did get to hold and feed Linus and Oliver last night. Still hasn’t changed a diaper, though. Soon. Sooooon!


Miles smiles! (or, has gas)

Oh yeah. George said he found some blog where people were debating our baby names! And someone else said they heard a radio show with them being discussed! As you can imagine, Linus got the worst of it. Hmmph. Ah well, such is the price of fame. ๐Ÿ˜›

17 thoughts on “Triplets

  1. Casey's trio

    Those boys look adorable together! Nothing better than the sight of multiples all snuggled together in one crib…Sounds like they are doing great and I bet they’ll be home this weekend by the rate they’re reaching those milestones.


  2. Anonymous

    I love the name Linus! Get over it people – it’s not just from the Peanuts.Linus, Oliver and Mile’s aunt Jennifer S.


  3. Krissy

    They are SERIOUSLY CUTE babies! This coming from the woman who thought her newborn twins were pretty odd looking!


  4. I'm AZ

    I like the name Linus! I like all their names, actually! They’re not very common, which is nice. They’re so adorable and look wonderful! My twins were in NICU for a while so I know how tough that is. Hope they’re all home soon!


  5. Carey

    Seeing this pic makes me feel a little less anxious that I’m pregnant with triplets! I like thinking of them in one crib (far less intimidating to me than 3), snuggling together. How long can they stay in one crib together? I found your blog through that’s my husband and I saw the comments you left there. Thank you for your encouragement! It means a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚


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