November 27, 2001

Anne’s dad died last night. He was in surgery to have his hip replaced (he wanted to be mobile his last few months) but his heart stopped. Just a month after he was diagnosed, and on his birthday, no less. Well, at least his last day was happy. And Anne just went home on Sunday, so at least she saw him recently. She’s coming in again this morning, I’m going to get her from the airport. For someone who is terrified of flying, she’s doing pretty well. Kristina and I are beginning to feel a little cursed, we used to be the only members (that we knew) of the Dead Dad Club. I think Anne’s doing okay…she actually joked to Kristina about being a new member. Sigh. Humor is all that gets us through these things.

Ran this morning. We got a bit of a late start, so we decided to run around the park as fast as we could, in preparation for the 2 mile race on December 8. It took us about 20 minutes to run around, which is pretty fast. Our first half mile was slow, but then we sped up and ran at an 11 minute/mile pace. We were speeding along! I can’t believe that some people consider that slow! Okay, most people. It was fast to us! Anyway, now I’m sore. Think I’ll stick to the slower but longer runs from here on out.