November 29, 2001

Didn’t run yesterday, was still sore from Tuesday. Got up this morning, it was humid and hot (for the end of November – about 80 degrees) and really windy and about to thunderstorm. We had planned on going to the levee and running three miles, but we decided against it, to avoid getting struck by lightning, getting tossed by the wind into the river, etc, etc. So we went around the neighborhood. For just 22 minutes. It was just not a good day for a run. The weather here is just terrible, I just wish it would get cold already.

This afternoon is Anne’s dad’s funeral. Not looking forward to that.

This weekend is a 5K that I’d like to run. I read about it in the paper today, it’s in some local runner’s memory, she recently died of breast cancer. I wonder if I can convince Kristina or Ren to run it with me.