November 30, 2001

We didn’t run this morning, although I sort of wanted to because it finally got cold yesterday (after our run, naturally.) The weather was cold and yucky yesterday (perfect funeral weather) but sunny and chilly today, but I was so tired last night, so emotionally drained yet my mind was racing from so many things to think about (personal/work crises) that I took a Tylenol PM so that I could sleep, but then, naturally, didn’t want to wake up. It’s okay, I needed a decent night’s sleep. Hopefully I can run tomorrow afternoon, I don’t see why not.

And, nice way to end the month…this lovely picture of Big Ben that someone sent me. I love Big Ben. It’s so beautiful! (Okay, so I mean the clock tower that holds Big Ben, but let’s not get picky about it.) I was Big Ben for Halloween in 2000. The best costume ever!