December 10, 2001

Okay, today was the first day of my pre-training training. I am going to do the first week of training (3-4-3-5) for the two weeks before the first week. (Does that make any sense at all??? Put it this way – I’m doing the first week of training three times.)

So this morning, we went for three miles. It was weird to be running for distance, not time. We ran around the park and the fly, which I think is three miles. I took my pedometer, but Ren was playing with it and set my stride length to 7 feet (I wish) and so I set it to what I thought it had been at, but clearly it was not 2.5 feet either, or we actually ran 4 miles, with 10 minute miles. Not likely. But we ran for about 40 minutes, and during the park portion, where there are quarter miles marked, we were running exactly 12:40 miles. So we probably averaged 13 minute miles over the whole route. However, a train came by so we had to stop for a minute or so to wait for it. But there’s a good story here – the train stopped right in front of the path, and there was this woman in front of us who ran in front of the train (it was actually moving veeeerrrrry slowly) but we closed our eyes and waited to hear the splat. Then the train started to back up, and we realized she probably knew what she was doing, so we crossed in front of the train. We waved to the conductor and he gave us two short toots of the horn. It was sweet.

No running tomorrow, but hopefully I won’t feel icky about it. I just have to remember that it’s a rest day, not a day when I was too lazy to get up.

Oh yeah, and that’s a picture of our Christmas tree. Isn’t it nice?