December 11, 2001

Today is a rest day. I don’t feel icky like I did last time I didn’t run before work (Wednesday, I think) because this is a planned rest day. A necessary rest day. A rest day built into my training schedule. I must embrace these rest days, not feel lazy because I’m taking them. (Really, I can’t believe I’m complaining about feeling lazy. It used to be my reason for living, my outstanding quality, the very core of my being. Hmm.)

Anyway, I’ve been so busy at work, filling packages and the like for UKtoYou that I’ve been running around the office all day anyway, plus lifting heavy things (like boxes of plum pudding – you wouldn’t believe how heavy those puppies are!) and such. So the fact that I’m not just sitting at my desk all day long, and probably won’t be until Mardi Gras is over, is good. Especially considering Erin, one of the girls in the office, brought a plate of cookies in yesterday. I ate one. Or two. Ummmmm. Maybe 3. They were small! Ish.